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Data Logger Selection Chart

Understandable - the range of loggers on the market can be overwhelming.

Don't search - ask!

Call us and discuss your specific problem with a member of our expert team.
Using only a few select questions we will be able to recommend a system which perfectly fits your particular application.

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  The table below is meant as an initial guide and cannot replace a personal consultation - we can help you better if you talk to us in person!
 LogTagVaisala VeriteqDataTraceMSRGeoPrecision


Product page Product page Product page Product page Product page Product page
Typical Applications Monitoring of temperature sensitive goods during transport and storage (Cold-Chain). Central monitoring with alarming for critical industries with highest demands. Encapsulated Data logger primarily for monitoring sterilization processes. Recording of processes involving motion - ideal for shock monitoring, vibration measurements or acceleration. Reliable temperature monitoring outdoors in harsh environmental conditions.
Self contained data logger dot-active.png dot-active.png dot-active.png dot-active.png  dot-active.png
Expandable to form a central monitoring system with alarming   dot-active.png      


Temperature and Relative Humidity dot-active.png dot-active.png dot-active.png dot-active.png  dot-active.png
Pressure   dot-active.png dot-active.png dot-active.png  
Light   dot-disabled.png
(via analogue input)
(via analogue input)
Orientation and Acceleration       dot-active.png  
Analogue current/voltage inputs for other parameters   dot-active.png dot-active.png    
Shortest sampling rate 30 seconds 10 seconds 1 second 1.600 /s  2 seconds

Other features

Real time measurements dot-disabled.png
(via display)
dot-active.png  dot-active.png dot-active.png   dot-active.png
Typical battery life 2-3 years 10 years Depending on logger type Rechargeable via USB  10 years
Log Memory (measurements) 16,000 122,000 16,000 2,000,000
(expandable via SD card up to 1 Billion)
Waterproof version available dot-disabled.png
(waterproof enclosure IP67)
  dot-active.png  dot-active.png   dot-active.png
Individual calibration available dot-active.png
(Traceable factory calibration)
(Accredited and traceable, DKD compliant)
(Accredited and traceable, DKD compliant)
(Traceable factory calibration)
(Traceable factory calibration)
Complies with GxP, FDA 21CFR11 dot-active.png dot-active.png  dot-active.png    
Price range Low High High Medium  Medium
  LogTag Vaisala Veriteq DataTrace MSR GeoPrecision


Select from five different types of systems
From high end precision data loggers to the well priced transit logger. From sterilization process monitoring to complex central, fail-safe monitoring systems. Measure temperature, humidity, pressure, light, acceleration or any other desired parameter. Choose between radio, LAN, W-LAN or PoE.

Typical applications:
Monitoring of sterilization processes in pharmaceutical and food industries. Central, fail-safe monitoring with alarm capability of such critical areas as pharmaceutical or aerospace industries. Cold-chain monitoring including dry-ice transport. General monitoring of warehouses, refrigeration and freezer units, incubators, climate chambers and others. Shock monitoring of expensive and sensitive goods. Vibration measurements and motion profiling of a variety of objects, robust long-term outdoor measurements, an much more.

Please do not hesitate to talk to us! We are happy to discuss your specific application with you and recommend a solution fit for purpose.


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Understandable - the range of loggers on the market can be overwhelming. Study our
Data Logger Selection Chart

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