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Data Logger Selection Chart

Understandable - the range of loggers on the market can be overwhelming.

Don't search - ask!

Call us and discuss your specific problem with a member of our expert team.
Using only a few select questions we will be able to recommend a system which perfectly fits your particular application.

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  The table below is meant as an initial guide and cannot replace a personal consultation - we can help you better if you talk to us in person!
 LogTagVaisala VeriteqDataTraceMSRGeoPrecisionE-Senza


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Typical Applications Monitoring of temperature sensitive goods during transport and storage (Cold-Chain). Central monitoring with alarming for critical industries with highest demands. Encapsulated Data logger primarily for monitoring sterilization processes. Recording of processes involving motion - ideal for shock monitoring, vibration measurements or acceleration. Reliable temperature monitoring outdoors in harsh environmental conditions. Wireless data loggers and central wireless monitoring for a variety of applications.
Self contained data logger dot-active.png dot-active.png dot-active.png dot-active.png  dot-active.png  
Expandable to form a central monitoring system with alarming   dot-active.png       dot-active.png


Temperature and Relative Humidity dot-active.png dot-active.png dot-active.png dot-active.png  dot-active.png dot-active.png
Pressure   dot-active.png dot-active.png dot-active.png   dot-disabled.png
(Differential Pressure)
Light   dot-disabled.png
(via analogue input)
  dot-active.png   dot-disabled.png
(via analogue input)
(via analogue input)
Fill Level          
Serial (RS232 / USB)          
Orientation and Acceleration       dot-active.png    
Analogue current/voltage inputs for other parameters   dot-active.png dot-active.png     dot-active.png
Shortest sampling rate 30 seconds 10 seconds 1 second 1.600 /s  2 seconds 10 seconds

Other features

Real time measurements dot-disabled.png
(via display)
dot-active.png  dot-active.png dot-active.png   dot-active.png  dot-active.png
Typical battery life 2-3 years 10 years Depending on logger type Rechargeable via USB  10 years approx. 2 years
Log Memory (measurements) 16,000 122,000 16,000 2,000,000
(expandable via SD card up to 1 Billion)
 400,000 100
Waterproof version available dot-disabled.png
(waterproof enclosure IP67)
  dot-active.png  dot-active.png   dot-active.png  dot-active.png
Individual calibration available dot-active.png
(Traceable factory calibration)
(Accredited and traceable, DKD compliant)
(Accredited and traceable, DKD compliant)
(Traceable factory calibration)
(Traceable factory calibration)
(Traceable factory calibration)
Complies with GxP, FDA 21CFR11 dot-active.png dot-active.png  dot-active.png      
Price range Low High High Medium  Medium Medium
  LogTag Vaisala Veriteq DataTrace MSR GeoPrecision E-Senza


Select from six different types of systems
From high end precision data loggers to the well priced transit logger. From sterilization process monitoring to complex central, fail-safe monitoring systems. Measure temperature, humidity, pressure, light, acceleration or any other desired parameter. Choose between radio, LAN, W-LAN or PoE.

Typical applications:
Monitoring of sterilization processes in pharmaceutical and food industries. Central, fail-safe monitoring with alarm capability of such critical areas as pharmaceutical or aerospace industries. Cold-chain monitoring including dry-ice transport. General monitoring of warehouses, refrigeration and freezer units, incubators, climate chambers and others. Shock monitoring of expensive and sensitive goods. Vibration measurements and motion profiling of a variety of objects, robust long-term outdoor measurements, an much more.

Please do not hesitate to talk to us! We are happy to discuss your specific application with you and recommend a solution fit for purpose.


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Data Logger Selection Chart

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Understandable - the range of loggers on the market can be overwhelming. Study our
Data Logger Selection Chart



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