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Our experience in the cryopreservation of biological samples

Angelantoni Life Science has developed the only fully automated solution in the cryogenics market that eliminates the risks and complications associated with the storage and retrieval of samples stored at cryogenic temperatures. Manual handling is not only prone to errors when loading and unloading samples, but can also be responsible for exposing samples to temperatures that are detrimental to their usability.

The ALS team's expertise in the field of biological cryopreservation has led to a proper appreciation of the importance of any biological samples in terms of the time, labor, research and money invested in each project. This involves overcoming the obstacles of storage techniques, as the biological materials to be processed contain variable water concentrations that affect the freezing stages. Cells are unstable at room temperature and thermal stress leads to irreversible decay. Since cryopreservation processes work with biological matter, they are extremely heterogeneous, which naturally means that there is no universal freeze/thaw curve.

Smartfreezer® EVO and EVO LAB ensure maximum safety, both for the storage of samples and for the operating personnel.

All versions of the Smartfeezer® EVO series are certified according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and its subsequent amendments - a unique commitment by the company to high quality and reliable products that guarantee maximum safety in the storage of samples used in clinical and diagnostic procedures.