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Thermocouples Feed-Through

Stainless Steel Feed-Through ideal for Thermocouples

Stainless Steel Feed-Thru

CiK's Stainless Steel Feed-Thru fittings are ideal for guiding thermocouples easily in a compact and orderly fashion into pressure/vacuum vessels such as autoclaves, pipes and conduits. Up to 18 thermocouples can be seated individually in the Feed-Thru, a lid is then sealed through a sophisticated bajonet fitting with safety catch – and that is all that's required.

Maximum tightness of the seal is achieved via a silicone twin gasket utilizing a torque screw. The Feed-Thru can be used up to a maximum pressure of 5 bar and a maximum temperature of 150°C. Connection to the pressure vessel is via standard 1 ½ “ tri-clamp fitting.

Stainless Steel Feed-Thru


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