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Temperature Calibration Baths

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Kambic Calibration Baths

Kambic Kalibrierbad


  • The range of Kambic temperature calibration baths we offer are top-class liquid baths and cryostats with a highly stable temperature control system and a unique uniformity of ± 0.007°C across the entire utilized part of the tank. The exceptional precision is achieved through a sophisticated 2-cylinder system with a uniform vertical flow throughout the utilized portion of the tank, combined with a finely balanced high-performance microprocessor control loop.
  • Kambic calibration baths are the ideal units for calibrating temperature sensors, transmitters or even complete temperature systems. Not only do they allow calibration of multiple systems at the same time, but also offer the added advantage of accommodating sensors of all shapes and sizes. Finally, there is an assurance that sensor and reference are always subjected to the same temperature.
  • All models can be accessed via PC for temperature control as well as for recording temperature history throughout a calibration run.
  • Kambic circulation bath employ varying cooling systems, depending on the model's temperature range. These can range from simple tap water cooling through to integrated compressors or even multi-stage cascade-compressors for the models with ultra-low temperature ranges.
  • Select from 10 different models with 3 different tank sizes and temperature ranges from -90°C up to 250°C. We also offer blackbody calibration sources for infrared thermometers.
  • An extensive range of accessories such as connectors, adapters and mounting hardware ensures easy handling.


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We offer custom solutions – Please describe your specific requirements and we will offer you a tailored system!

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