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GeoPrecision - Radio Temperature Data Logger for Outdoor Use

Precision Radio Data Loggers for Temperature Measurement

Robust for Long-term Outdoor Measurements

Ideal for Scientific Applications


Do you need to record temperatures outdoors in harsh environmental conditions? Then our radio data loggers made by "GeoPrecision" are ideal for you!

As the name "GeoPrecision" already suggests, these radio data loggers have been developed specifically for the recording of temperature data in geology, environmental engineering and many others. Whether you research climatic conditions, explore caves, monitor in deserts, alpine and arctic environments (glaciology) or are involved in permafrost studies and Soil Science (Pedology, Agrology) - the GeoPrecision data logger series is the obvious choice when it comes to recording temperature data securely and reliably, even under extremely adverse conditions, outdoors and for many years..






Typical applications and industries

Data loggers from our GeoPrecision series can be found in almost every sector where robust and reliable data loggers with long recording periods are required.

Due to their inherent tolerance to environmental influences, an encapsulated construction and their waterproof housing (IP69) they are very often used in outdoor applications.


temperature monitoring in a climate / alpine Research
Climate / Alpine Research

temperature monitoring in a cave exploration
Cave exploration

temperature monitoring in a desert research
Desert Research

temperature monitoring in a arctic research
Arctic Research

temperature monitoring in a soil research
Soil Research

temperature monitoring in industrial applications
Industrial Applications



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