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Multi-functional Data Loggers for all Physical Parameters

The Miniature Giants

Acceleration, Orientation, Shock, Oscillation, Vibration

Memory for up to 1 Billion Samples

Small with Big potential

The MSR data loggers are miniaturized, universal data loggers for measuring and storing different physical parameters. The MSR logger series opens up unimaginable possibilities in measurement engineering, creating the perfect union of high-tech and user friendliness. It encompasses groundbreaking and multi functional data loggers used for the most diverse applications. Deploy the MSR series of data loggers as temperature loggers, humidity loggers, pressure loggers, light loggers or to record any other parameter.

Not only can MSR data loggers measure temperature, humidity, pressure and light, they are particularly optimized for recording of acceleration events and processes, such as shock monitoring, vibration recording, motion studies, tremor analysis, oscillation monitoring, human vibration, yaw rate and many more.

Defining and monitoring these parameters is often essential and provides valuable information about events and processes in product development, manufacturing and quality assurance whilst also enabling performance enhancement and motion studies or providing hard evidence in case of liability claims.



Data logger with wireless sensors

Permanently record temperature, humidity and pressure values using miniature transmitter modules over long periods of time, at operating temperatures from -20 °C to +125 °C, even in inaccessible locations.

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Typical Applications for MSR Data Loggers

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