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High Performance Thermocouples for use in pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries

Hook up ... steady ... go!

Ideal for autoclaves, CIP/SIP, WFI, incubators, fridges and freezers, liquid nitrogen applications, freeze-drying and others.

  • Premium quality – robust – long life
    Materials of the highest purity and uniformity guarantee maximum accuracy and minimize errors due to mechanical stresses of the wire.
    Litz construction ensures maximum flexibility while at the same time maintaining maximum ability to withstand stress.
  • The ends of the copper-constantan litz wire are precisely arc welded, with Argon gas present to avoid any negative effects caused by oxidation.
  • Securely sealed tips guarantee a maximum lifespan, minimize backflow of condensate within the wire and prevent occurrence of ground loops.

Two different versions are on offer:

  • Three-strand litz wire is ideal where flexibility and diameter of the lead are a priority, such as when feeding wires through door seals.
  • The seven-strand litz wire is typically used where special emphasis needs to be placed on robustness and mechanical stability
  3-strand litz wire 7-strand litz wire
Type "T" Thermocouple
Ultra Premium
transparent Teflon®
Temperature range
-196°C to +200°C
at 40°C
at 121°C


maximum outside diameter 1.88 mm
3.05 mm

Thermocouples with Kapton jacket for temperatures up to 350°C available on request.

Ultra-Premium Typ T Thermoelement

Ultra-Premium Type "T" Thermocouple

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