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Sonoco packaging service provider helps in optimizing of data loggers

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Sonoco is a supplier of consumer packaging, packaging for industrial products and packaging solutions and services. For this purpose, they use data loggers in various environments and areas of application, including high temperatures and high acid contents. However, the loggers were partially lost by the penetration of water. The following solution was found.



More efficiency and cost savings with DataTrace wireless data loggers

A manufacturing company for order development and production organization supports the medical technology industry with pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical devices. DataTrace MPRF data loggers provide flexibility and time savings. It is possible to restart a validation if the real-time temperatures deviate from the prescribed scale.


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Validation of Lyophilization Processes

Micro Flex Logger

The lyophilization process is essentially freeze-drying, where the environment is at a very cold temperature and the product is within a “vacuum”. During the process, there is a concern with making sure that the shelf is heating up the product to proper temperatures.

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Pasteurisation of Beverage Cans

Measuring temperature/pressure processes over time inside beverage cans is a key element of bringing pasteurisation processes normally used on an industrial scale back to the laboratory.

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Temperature Monitoring for Retort Sterilization

retort sterilization

One of the most used methods for food sterilisation is retort sterilisation in an autoclave. With the help of DataTrace MPRF loggers you can monitor temperature in real time, thereby optimizing your food production in many areas and providing traceable quality records.

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Save Time in Thermal Mapping

  • Tired of with the hassle of thermocouple wires for your validation work?
  • Having trouble correctly positioning the wires correctly inside the chamber, and inside packages of product?
  • Fed up with all the pre-calibration and post-calibration issues associated with thermocouples?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the DataTrace wireless data logger system is the solution to your problems!


thermal mapping

Real-time wireless validation eliminates thermocouples in Production Sterilization of Large Volume Parenterals (LVP)

Real-time Wireless Validation

Mesa Laboratories, Inc. has developed a true wireless solution that eliminates the need to use thermocouples in the validation of production autoclaves.

How can one get an uninterrupted wireless signal out of a cascading water production autoclave during the sterilization of IV solution bags or retort with canned food?



Temperature Monitoring via RF in Smoke Houses

This application note details remote temperature monitoring via RF in smoke houses. This method provides relief to technicians working in hot and smoky conditions, while at the same time improving safety and quality levels.


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Bio-Hazardous Waste – Heat Penetration Study


This application note details how you can monitor real-time temperatures of bio-hazardous waste in autoclaves (Medical Device Sterilization).




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