LogTag Online - Cloud Service

LogTag Online (LTO) is a web-based online platform that provides alarm notifications, compliance, data storage and reporting functions. LTO allows its users to download data from LogTag data loggers, view the data in the cloud, and share and backup the data using a permission-based system.

Software Features

  • Easy access via your browser
  • Transmit measurement data in real-time*
  • Alarm notification via SMS and e-mail*
  • Secure storage of measured data
  • Permission system for users
  • Comfortable sharing of data
  • Management of multiple locations 

LogTag Online Sign up


LogTag Online is suitable for environments of all sizes - from small settings such as pharmacies and doctors with just a few refrigerators to large clinics and warehouses with a variety of cold rooms.


LogTag Online automates vaccine temperature monitoring and ensures compliance with VFC and CDC guidelines.


Access your data via LogTag Online on any device with an Internet connection and browser.

Easy operation

Setting up your account is quick and easy. You can then access your data immediately and online.


LogTag Online accepts data from any LogTag data logger, so you do not have to update your existing loggers to get started.


Immediate notification of a temperature alarm can be sent to your email or phone.

Real-time data

Your temperature data are uploaded to the cloud in real-time and can be viewed any time.

* For the effective use of LogTag Online, a Wall Mounted Wireless Interface Cradle or a LogTag data logger with integrated WiFi function is recommended. This allows real-time data to be sent directly to the LogTag Online Cloud. If you are looking for a LogTag data logger with integrated WiFi functions - the UTRED30-WiFii model offers this option.

Access Plans for LogTag Online


Free access
No Activation Code(s) required

Standard access
Access LTO fixed Pay-As-You-Go
Access LTO Transit
(Activation Code required)
Number of Locations LTO fixed 1 Limited Location 1 Full Location per purchased Activation Code1
Valid for 12 or 24 months
Number of Shipments LTO Transit Unlimited Unlimited5
(Dependent on amount purchased via Activation Codes)
File History LTO fixed 3 months 10 years
Notifications2 Email Email and SMS op Whats App2
Number of SMS N/A 45 in Germany (other countries on request)
File Storage 1 year 10 years
Maximum number of files4 30 1000
Number of registered devices unlimited unlimited
Number of users 2 unlimited

1 A location can only have one data logger (such as the TRED30-16 or UTRED30-WiFi Real-Time). The purchase of Location Activation Codes allows multiple team members and provides Notification Units.

2 The messaging functions are only activated when activation codes for a location and/or notification units are purchased. Alerts sent via WhatsApp are not free and use Notification Units.

4 You can upload an unlimited number of files to LogTag Drive. Free account can display the last 30. Increased capacity of Drive requires the purchase of a location activation code for 1000 per location. If recurring notifications have been sent after multiple attempts with failed confirmation, this will be recognised as excessive usage. Additional charges will apply if you wish to receive ongoing notifications beyond the reasonable usage amount by charging directly to LogTag Online.

5 You can create unlimited shipments. With the free account, you will receive 10 Shipment Units that allow up to 10 data uploads from any data logger in one shipment. The purchase of activation codes for shipment units enables additional data uploads (1 shipment unit is for 1 data upload from any logger, be it the same or different data loggers) as well as for multiple team members.

LogTag Mobile App

LogTag Mobile App allows users to access LogTag Online (LTO) in an app instead of the internet browser and can be used by new or any existing LTO users.
The LogTag Mobile app also gives users the ability to view and download LogTag data in the cloud, and allows the sharing and securing of the data using a permissions system, all on a mobile device.

Key Features:

  • 24/7 access to LogTag Online from a mobile device, anytime or anywhere in the world
  • Receive push notifications* (message that pops up on a mobile device) from a LogTag Online account
  • View and acknowledge notifications from a mobile device instantly
  • Download data files and reports onto a mobile device

*Depending on user account notification preferences & phone notification settings

Download LogTag Mobil App