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Add-ons MSR Data logger series 


External Sensors

Flexible solution: Internal sensors available externally, too!

Customers who need external sensors for their measurement tasks rather than the integrated sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, light and acceleration can have the data logger configured specifically for their application - as applied for example with skin moisture measurement in patient monitoring.

Record your own signals from any source using additional analogue inputs

Being able to equip the MSR data loggers with analogue inputs offers not only measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure and acceleration, but recording and analysis of almost any measurement parameter in the world.

Two (or four) analogue inputs can be used for many different conventional sensors measuring parameters such as CO2, pH, particles, flow, conductivity and speed to name just a few. In next to no time this opens new possibilities to the user in many different fields of application. The configuration of the analogue inputs can be freely selected. One alarm output, one input for starting and stopping recording as well as an external supply are also provided.


Four analogue inputs with freely selectable configuration:
0...20 mA; 4...20 mA; 0...3.0V; 0.5...4.5V; 0...5.0V; 1.0...6.0V; 0...10.0V; 0...12.0V; 0...24.0V
12 Bit (max. two external sensors, not available for light sensor)
Sample Rate:
1 second (or 1/1000 second for acceleration sampling below 1s) to 12 hours
Includes output for alarm and input for data logging start/stop.

Additional analogue signal inputs

Memory slot expansion for microSD card

MSR Data Logger with microSD card

When it comes to memory, MSR data loggers are unique due to their 2,000,000 data capacity. Yet, sometimes even this enormous limit can be reached when measuring fast occurring events (up to 1,000 per second on MSR160 analogue and 1,600 per second on MSR165 shock).
To be able to measure such fast events over long time periods without compromising resolution, the MSR145, MSR160 and MSR165 data loggers can be supplied with an expansion slot for an off-the-shelf SD card.

Replaceable batteries for MSR165

For a longer recording time of up to 5 years (3.6 V, 2 x 7700 mAh, Li-SOCL 2). These are housed in an industrial grade, waterproof aluminum case.

Replaceable batteries for MSR165

MSR Power Pack for MSR165

Power Pack for the MSR165

The Power Pack is an autonomous charger with a capacity of 5000 mAh. It can recharge the internal battery of the MSR165 during operation. Selectable charging intervals are: every 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. A MSR165 data logger is capable of realising measuring tasks that an up to 6 times longer.
The MSR power pack is particularly useful when it comes to using MSR data loggers for rapid measurements during transport monitoring or long term vibration measurements.
The power pack can also be beneficial for long term monitoring in warehouses, where an external supply is not available.

Quick Start Guide


MSR Fastening Strap

Flexible Fastening Strap for MSR Data Loggers

The flexible and skin-friendly fastening strap is 50mm wide and 400mm long. Its convenient Velcro attachment allows an MSR data logger with aluminium designer case to be easily positioned.
Frequently this is used for monitoring of human movement patterns, where an MSR165 shock logger can be attached effortlessly to the wrist or ankle of the test subject (see image).

Fastening strap with MSR-Datalogger

MSR Software

Diagram MSR Software

The MSR software is a very powerful package leaving little to be desired.
The software can be downloaded for free from our website and is used to configure the MSR Data Logger as well as to download recorded data for further graphical and list analysis.

Free Software Download