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MSR Applications Custom Solutions

MSR Applications Custom Solutions

For individual solutions: MSR special data loggers

Were you unable to find what you’re looking for among our standard data loggers? Contact us!

In addition to our standard data loggers, we also offer customized solutions. We offer comprehensive know-how in the area of miniaturized measurement technology. For waterproof electronics applications, we have a proprietary, proven silicone injection moulding technology. If necessary, our competent team of engineers, software developers and specialists is complemented by an international network of specialists, partner companies, research institutes and laboratories. As a medium-sized company, we have the advantage of flexibility to respond to individual customer preferences and do not only provide standard, but also specialised solutions quickly.


Our services:

  • Electronic/software development for technical applications
  • Layout development
  • Finalization of the client's visions, development of practical solutions, identification of opportunities for implementation and use
  • Design, planning and implementation of projects - from the initial sketch through manufacturing of the first prototype and pre-series production
  • Integration of new solutions and projects into processes and departments at the client company, including aftercare support



Special data logger for soot particulate filter monitoring

Chimney on a ship

Case study Tehag Engineering AG
The Tehag Engineering AG Company, which is active in the field of diesel emission management, offers products ranging from silencers through soot particulate filters and SCR systems, to entire exhaust systems for a variety of different applications. Their offer includes the PTL filter monitoring emission control equipment, which is used for example in construction machinery, rail vehicles, ships, lorries, buses, special vehicles and stationary equipment in use. The PTL filter monitoring measures the exhaust temperature as well as backpressure before the filter and was co-commissioned for and in cooperation with Tehag Engineering AG.



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