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Can MSR Data Loggers be calibrated?

Yes ! MSR data loggers have a unique serial number which is a prerequisite for individual calibration.
Certification is available in a laboratory of your choice or of course through CiK Solutions GmbH.

Can the battery be replaced?

The battery of an MSR Data Logger is rechargeable rather than disposable. It is re-charged via the USB port every time the logger is connected to the PC. One full charge is sufficient to record data for about 6 months, depending on program and environmental parameters such as interval, frequency of download and environment temperature.
Should this not be sufficient please contact us to discuss further options.

How big is the internal memory of the MSR data loggers?

The MSR145, MSR160, MSR165 and MSR255 data loggers all have an internal memory of 8 MB. This is big enough to store over 2 million measurements. Depending on the particular model you have, you can expand the memory with any micro SD card commercially available (see product description).

My MSR data logger has a micro SD card, but the data logging process stops before the SD card is full. How can I achieve the full storage capacity?

If the data logger's circular buffer mode is deactivated and the internal memory is full, then the data logging process will be stopped. As a result, no measurements will be written to the SD card. Please activate the "Circular buffer" option under "Options during data logging" in the MSR PC software's Setup program. Detailed information on the use and functionality of the SD card memory can be found in the SD card user guide.

Is the software included in the data logger package?

Yes ! MSR Data Loggers are delivered ready for use. Every package consists of the data logger, a USB lead and the combined configuration and analysis software.

What is a 3-axis accelerometer?

Aside from temperature, humidity and pressure the MSR Data Logger is equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer. It registers acceleration resulting from movement of the data logger in x- (backward-forward), y- (left-right) and z-directions (up-down). Taking into account the earth's permanent gravitational pull on the logger it is therefore possible to calculate the unit's actual orientation.
Accurate determination of orientation and gravitational forces can amongst many others answer questions such as "Was the unit removed from the environment to be measured?"; "Did my shipment fall at any stage?"; "How long and when was my shipment held up in customs or in a stationary truck?"; "Was my shipment stored upside down?"; "What is the movement of my lab vibration plate?" or "When did the motor start or stop?"

What does "internal" and "external" sensors mean?

MSR Data Loggers are equipped with sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure and an accelerometer, which are all "internal" sensors, i.e. mounted inside the logger case. Some applications, however, require the use of an "external" sensor to measure parameters more closely to where they occur. It is possible to select external temperature and/or humidity and/or pressure sensors, with an optional lead length of either 15cm, 40cm, 1m or 1.6m.
Please note that for each parameter type the logger can only contain either an internal or an external sensor but not both.

My MSR145 Data Logger indicates temperature values which are far too high.

The MSR145 is equipped with an internal re-chargeable battery which heats up during charging. This can lead to an increased temperature indication if an internal sensor is used while the unit is charged.
To ensure correct temperature values remove the USB lead to terminate the charging or use an external temperature sensor.

Do I need the temperature sensor if I already have a humidity or pressure sensor?

That depends upon your particular measurement requirements. The sensors for relative humidity and pressure each include their own temperature sensor and the temperatures they measure can be evaluated separately. However, the accuracy of the standalone temperature sensor is greater (see the technical specification of the sensors on our product pages). If your results depend upon extremely accurate temperature measurements we recommend that you use the separate temperature sensor.

Can MSR measurement data be exported?

Yes. Measurement data can be exported in CSV format as a text file. Furthermore, the graphs created by the Viewer software can be saved as image files in BMP and JPG format. You will find the corresponding options in the File menu of the MSR Viewer software.

Can MSR data loggers be controlled by LabVIEW?

Yes, this is possible with LabVIEW version 7 or later. You can download the necessary files with the associated installation instructions via the following link:

Can the MSR PC software be used with Linux?

The MSR PC software is only for use with Microsoft Windows. However, it is possible to use the MSR PC software with Linux thanks to the Wine open source project. Instructions are available here (in German): MSR-und-Linux.pdf Please note that MSR Electronics GmbH is unable to provide support for the use of their products with Linux.

Can measurement data be read out from other applications or from custom programs via USB?

Yes. For this purpose software developers can use our free DLLs which allow access to the measurement data. The DLLs together with examples and documentation can be requested from us.

How can I install the USB driver separately?

Please download the USB driver and follow the instructions.

Click here to download the latest version of the USB driver for your MSR data logger.

In case the USB communication does not work despite re-installing the latest USB driver, please connect the MSR data logger with your PC with the aid of a USB hub to read out the data.s.

How can MSR measurement data be imported into Microsoft Excel?

There is an easy solution to opening the CSV files created by the MSR software into Excel correctly.
You will need to open excel FIRST, then do the following:

  1. Navigate to the "Data" tab in Excel. Pull down to "Import External Data" and select "Import Data".
  2. Navigate to where you saved your CSV data file, and select it. Once selected, the Excel "Text Import Wizard" will open and assist you in the rest of the process.
  3. In the first screen you are asked to identify the "original Data Type". Select "Delimited", then select the row you want to start importing and click "next".
  4. In the second screen you will be asked to select the delimiters to correctly segment the data. Select "Semi Colon" and click "next".
  5. Screen three of the Wizard will ask you to fine tune the import and change the data format for any of the column's. Make any changes you wish and click finish.

A new file will open and you should be all set.

How can I adjust time settings of my MSR Data logger correctly?

When writing the basic settings on the MSR Data logger, the time of the PC is transferred to the MSR Data logger at the same time.

Where do I get the MSR smartphone app?

The app called "DataLogger" exists for Android (from 4.4) and iOS (from iPhone 4S and iPad 3). The Android version is available on Google Play, the iPhone and iPad version is available on the iTunes Store. There is no Windows version available yet.

Are there any documents for MSR data loggers that are required for air freight transport??

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