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MSR Data Logger - Support & Downloads


This area is provided specifically for MSR users and contains information for installation and safe operation of MSR products.


The MSR software is a very powerful package leaving little to be desired.
The software can be downloaded for free from our website and is used to configure the MSR Data Logger as well as to download recorded data for further graphical and list analysis.


MSR PC Software with Shockviewer Version: 6.03.03 incl. Shockviewer

MSR ShockViewer

Logo of MSR ShockViewer

MSR ShockViewer is an elementary component of the MSR software. It is a high-performance analysis software especially for transportation monitoring with the MSR165. The new software, which specialises in analysing shock events, allows you to clearly present extensive measured data, as well as quickly analyse and conclusively document critical events.

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Please note!
Before downloading the MSR ShockViewer software the current MSR165 firmware is required.

Easy to use: MSR175 PC-Software

The software package for the MSR175 includes the 3 following programs: MSR Dashboard, MSR ReportGenerator and MSR ShockViewer.
The user-friendly MSR175 Dashboard software, preparing the MSR175 for its mission and reading its measured data via USB is very easy.
A single click on the MSR ReportGenerator is sufficient to quickly call up a compact, summarised report on the measured data, for example for documentation purposes.
The data can be analysed and clearly presented in a chart using the intuitive MSR ShockViewer software, which is integrated as a free basic version in the MSR175 software package. In the process, you can analyse critical events at a glance and document them conclusively in a report; a frequency analysis facilitates identifying the causes of shock events.

MSR175 PC Software Version: 1.02.14


WLAN-Software for the MSR145W2D Data Logger

To set up and configure your MSR145W2D data logger, please download the free MSR PC software (standard).

LocalViewer is the MSR145W2D software for graphical visualization of the measured values transmitted over WiFi WLAN.

LabViewer illustrates the integration of the MSR145W2D data logger into LabVIEW software. The measured values, transmitted over the WLAN, are prepared by LabVIEW-1 and provided for further processing.

MSR145W2D LocalViewer Version: 1.3

MSR145W2D LabViewer Version 1.7


MSR Data Logger App

With the DataLogger app for the MSR145WD data logger you can start and stop data recordings of your wireless data logger and view the real-time data on your smartphone. In addition, the app can read out the measured data from the MSR145WD and transfer them to the MSR SmartCloud. The data logger and the app communicate via the energy-saving Bluetooth Low Energy radio technology (Bluetooth 4.0). The MSR DataLogger app is available for Android and Apple devices. There is no Windows version. 

Google play button

The app works with most Android devices with Android versions starting from 4.4. The device must be equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0). You can download the MSR DataLogger app for Android here.

App Store Button

The app works on iPhones starting from version 4S and iPads starting from version 3. You can download the MSR DataLogger app for Apple devices here.


With the DataLogger App you can get the realtime data and battery status of your wireless data logger on your smart phone or tablet.

With the DataLogger App you can start and stop the data recording of your wireless data logger.

You can setup a password to protect your data.

With the app you can read the data of your data logger and upload it to the cloud.


MSR145 Version: 5.116
MSR145WD Version 1.88
MSR147WD Version: 1.04


MSR160 Version: 1.88
MSR165 Version: 2.00
MSR175 Version 1.08


MSR255 Version: 1.22
MSR385WD Version: 3.26
SD Card Version: 2.06