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SenseAnywhere THE Monitoring System for Food Service and Hotel Industry

SenseAnywhere THE Monitoring System for Food Service and Hotel Industry

Correct storage temperatures play a vital role in hotel and food service industry.

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Whether in individual catering, catering for the community or in the food service and hotel industry, storing food correctly is essential in all these areas.

In particular, temperature plays a defining role in the storage of food, as perishable foodstuffs should ultimately remain fresh as long as possible. Microorganisms multiply more slowly at low temperatures, thus delaying the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria. Businesses processing critical foodstuffs are required to maintain a gap-free cold chain and to document the temperatures as part of self-regulation.

What does the food service industry need to monitor?

Whether in a cold room, refrigeration display, fridge, freezer, or in a kitchen, cellar or the warehouse - maintaining the cold chain and thus the marketability of the food is essential.

Several storage areas are typically employed, as frozen goods have to be stored at -18°C, meat and meat products at +4°C and fish, minced meat, poultry at a maximum of +2°C (DIN 10508). Fruit, vegetables and other foodstuffs need yet another different storage temperature.

In large industrial organisations, food worth many thousands of Euro may be stored at any one time; thus, having to discard food due to incorrect temperature conditions has painful financial consequences.

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What to look out for?


The minimum requirement for monitoring temperatures in the food service industry is the use of a Min/Max thermometer, which displays the respective minimum and maximum temperatures between two manual checks. However, such a Min/Max thermometer also bears its risks and inconveniences.

For one, the thermometer must be read consistently each day and the results recorded in a form, which must be maintained and archived. In addition, the staff in charge of the recording must be reliable and trustworthy.

The principle disadvantage of a Min/Max thermometer, however, is the inability to send out a reliable alarm in the case of threshold violation (preferably before any damage occurred)!

How do I check if the required temperature is maintained on my premises?

Nothing easier than that. The SenseAnywhere monitoring system allows you to keep on top of the temperatures in your business. The system is easy to install and extremely intuitive to use. Keep track of the continuously recorded data at a glance - on site, at home or even while on the road. Configure temperature thresholds and get warned on the PC, by e-mail or SMS if these thresholds are violated - this is the only way to avoid damage before it occurs. On request, the system creates fully automatic reports for documentation and possible submission to inspectors.

And the best thing is... ...it doesn’t generate any extra work for you! Position the Sensor Modules where they need to monitor conditions, and after a simple and quick set-up phase, the monitoring system runs completely automatic and reliable - only drawing your attention when you need to step in.

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