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Highlights SenseAnywhere - The exceptional monitoring system!

Highlights SenseAnywhere - The exceptional monitoring system!

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We want to convert you into an enthusiastic user of our SenseAnywhere monitoring system. For this purpose, we offer various options for you to get to know our system:


SenseAnywhere webinars - free and without obligation

Arrange an appointment with our SenseAnywhere expert team and have the system explained to you in detail in a joint webinar, free of charge and without obligation

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Demo Kits

Enquire for a free demo kit, allowing you to trial the system for one week. The demo kit includes 2 data loggers (Sensor Modules), a data receiver (AccessPoint), and everything you need to get your system up and running, so you can record your own temperature and humidity data.

More information about the demo kits

SenseAnywhere demo kit - free and without obligation

100 Day Right of Return

SenseAnywhere 100-day money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return any system with up to 10 data loggers for 100 days from the date of purchase for a full refund.

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Other Highlights

Convenient & Risk-free

  • Reliable monitoring around the clock (24/7) with alarming by email and SMS.
  • Automatically generated reports show all the necessary data and diagrams.
  • Free demo kit, free phone support, 100-day right of return.

Safe & Reliable

  • Maximum data security even in the event of a total infrastructure failure.
  • No maintenance, extremely robust, no battery change, fully automatic software updates.
  • Made from food-safe materials, 21CFR11 compliant, can be individually calibrated

Innovative & trend-setting

  • System setup in minutes - no cables to lay, no software to install.
  • Cloud-based software (SaaS) with worldwide access via PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.
  • The latest wireless transceiver technology, combined with a low-power microprocessor and MEMS sensor technology, allows a 10-year battery life.

Flexible & customizable

  • Equally suitable for small facilities as well as large-scale industrial installations, warehouses and building complexes.
  • Ideal for transit monitoring with non-contact, automatic reading of data at stopovers and final destination.
  • A GSM module provides data in real-time if no direct Internet access is possible, for example during transit or at remote depots.

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