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Vaisala Transmitters Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Dew Point, CO2

Vaisala Transmitters Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Dew Point, CO2

Vaisala Transmitters

This page features a small selection of the currently available transmitters.

If your desired product is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can assist you according to your requirements.


Humidity and Temperature

Vaisala HUMICAP® Series HMT330

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for Wall Mounting
Vaisala HUMICAP® Series HMT330

Top-of-the-Line models for demanding industrial applications

Choose among six models for almost every application:

  1. Fixed sensor
  2. Duct mounting and tight spaces (pipes, channels, etc.)
  3. High pressures up to 100 bar and vacuum conditions
  4. High temperatures up to 180°C
  5. High humidity applications
  6. Pressurized pipelines up to 40 bar


  • Full 0 ... 100 % RH measurement
  • Temperature range up to +180 °C (depending on model)
  • Pressure up to 100 bar (depending on model)
  • Next generation Vaisala HUMICAP® Sensor for excellent accuracy and stability
  • Graphical display of measurement trends and over four-year history
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Excellent performance in harsh chemical concentrations
  • Heated probe for superior performance in condensing environments
  • Shows measurement trends and history graphically
  • Corrosion resistant IP65 housing
  • NIST traceable (certificate included)
  • Optional integrated data logging, with over four years of measured history
  • LAN and WLAN communication options

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Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for Wall Mounting
Vaisala HUMICAP® Series HMT360

'Ex' protection

Intrinsically safe Humidity and Temperature Transmitters for hazardous areas


  • Measures humidity and temperature, outputs also dewpoint, mixing ratio, absolute humidity and wet bulb temperature
  • Safe operation with the entire transmitter in hazardous areas: Division 1 and 2 (USA, Canada), Categories 1G/ Zone 0 and 1D / Zone 20 with protection cover (EU)
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Designed for harsh conditions
  • Vaisala HUMICAP® Sensor features high accuracy, excellent long-term stability, and negligible hysteresis
  • Six probe options for all kind of applications
  • Temperature range between -40 … +180°C depending on the probe option
  • NIST traceable ( certificate included)

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Vaisala Transmitter HMT360



Vaisala Pressure Transmitter PTB110

Pressure Transmitter PTB110

The pressure transmitter PTB110 has been designed to measure exact air pressure at ambient temperature, as well as for the general monitoring of the ambient pressure in a broad temperature range.
Additional pressure transmitters on request.

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Differential Pressure Transmitter PDT101

The differential pressure transmitter PDT101 has been specifically designed to meet the demands of challenging applications in life sciences, as well as for high-tech clean room applications.
The PDT101 can be attached to the wall, a DIN rail or a panel and is ideally suited to be integrated into the continuous monitoring system viewLinc, as is required in controlled environments for measuring and monitoring of critical environmental parameters.

  • Includes NIST traceable calibration
  • 4 different models available

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Vaisala Differential Pressure Transmitter PDT101


Vaisala Differential Pressure Transmitter PDT102

Differential Pressure Transmitter PDT102

The differential pressure transmitter PDT102 stands out in particular through its ultra-slim design and clips directly to a DIN rail. Like the PDT101 it is designed for demanding applications in life sciences as well as for high-tech clean room applications.

  • Includes NIST traceable calibration
  • 16 different models available

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Dew Point

Dewpoint and Temperature Transmitter for Wall Mounting
Vaisala DRYCAP® Series DMT340

The first choice for demanding industrial applications with low dew points


  • Measures dew points from -60 °C to +80 °C with the accuracy of ±2 °C
  • Vaisala DRYCAP® Sensor provides accurate, reliable measurement with excellent long-term stability and fast response
  • Immune to condensation
  • Unique auto-calibration feature
  • Optional alarm relays, local display and mains power supply module
  • Compatible with the hand-held dew point meter DM70 (see below)
  • NIST traceable (certificate included)
  • 3 analog outputs and a serial interface, WLAN/LAN

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Vaisala DRYCAP® Series DMT340


Carbon Dioxide Probe (CO2)

Vaisala CARBOCAP® Series GMT220

Carbon Dioxide Probe for %-Level Measurements
Vaisala CARBOCAP® Series GMP251

Carbon Dioxide Transmitter (CO2) – intelligent, stand-alone probe for measuring carbon dioxide

Applications include:

  • Horticulture and fruit storage
  • Greenhouses and mushroom farming
  • Safety alarming and leakage monitoring
  • Demand controlled ventilation in harsh environments
  • life science incubators, cold storages, fruit and vegetable transportation


  • Measurement range 0 … 20 %CO2
  • Intelligent, stand-alone probe with analog (V, mA) and digital (RS485) outputs
  • Superior long-term stability with the 2nd-gen proprietary CARBOCAP® technology
  • Wide operating temperature range -40 … +60 °C
  • IP65 classified housing
  • Full temperature and pressure compensations 
  • Integrated temperature measurement for CO2 compensation purposes
  • Compensations for background gases, O2, and humidity
  • Sensor head heated to prevent condensation


Datasheet Indigo 201

Vaisala PEROXCAP® HPP272

for Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, Humidity and Temperature Measurement in Bio-Decontamination Processes

The Vaisala PEROXCAP® HPP272 is a new, intelligent 3-in-1 measurement probe with both digital and analog outputs. It has been developed for manufacturers, service providers and end-users who use vaporized H2O2 for bio-decontamination processes. In addition to H2O2, the compact HPP272 measures temperature and humidity, referring to both relative humidity and relative saturation. This 3-in-1 probe is ideal for applications such as isolators, transfer hatches, and room bio-decontamination. The probe can measure reliably and accurately even in high humidity.


  • Superior long-term stability and repeatability
  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing (IP65)
  • Compatible with Indigo Output Transmitters when preferred

Datasheet HPP270

Datasheet Indigo 200

Technology descriptions Peroxcap

Vaisala Peroxcap HP272


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