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News about temperature and humidity

New at CiK Solutions: Central Wireless Monitoring System!

E-Senza is a centralised wireless monitoring system for data monitoring in nearly all industries and sectors. Monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, light, motion, CO2, AC/DC and much more - simply and reliably.

The E-Senza wireless monitoring system is ideal for networking sensors, transmitters, gauges, instruments and actuators with each other so data can be centrally monitored and managed.

This system is designed for extremely high reliability and allows wireless communication in even the harshest of industrial environments. The wireless network is self-healing and looks for alternative transmission routing paths, using the latest "mesh networking technology", if one of the nodes malfunctions.

The cost of installation and maintenance of a monitoring system can therefore be dramatically reduced, and expanding the system will be a breeze, even when covering long distances. Monitor virtually any parameter on a single computer or via the network. Enter alarm thresholds and receive warnings on your PC, via SMS, email, alarm light or sounder.

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