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News about temperature and humidity

NEW! MSR145 data logger even more versatile!

The brand-new, updated MSR145 data logger now packs even more of a punch.

From now on it can accommodate up to 5 sensors recording the same parameter (temperature, humidity or pressure sensors), rather than being limited to a combination of different sensors. This significantly opens up other areas of application for this multi-functional data logger.

There are also great news for those working with pressure measurements in liquids like oil or water. The MSR145 can now be equipped with an external fluid pressure sensor, allowing even more varied deployments in industry and research.

With its extended temperature range the data logger is now suitable for applications down to -250°C, allowing for example monitoring of refrigerated transports or liquid nitrogen applications.

Thanks to its unique combination of compact body, huge memory and high modularity, the MSR145 is the ideal solution for documentation and monitoring tasks in almost all areas of applications.

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