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News about temperature and humidity

NEW: Electronic Freeze Indicator TICT-iS0°Tag® !

In many cases it is important to know what temperatures a product was exposed to and if temperatures remained within pre-defined thresholds, i.e. if they exceeded or went below critical limits.

LogTag® TICT-iS0°Tag® freeze indicators are tamper-resistant, irreversible electronic indicators which show if the temperature has been at or below freezing point (0°C) for 60 minutes or more. The TICT iS0°Tag indicators can be used to monitor the temperature of any freeze-sensitive product such as vaccine, food, or specialty chemicals for up to 3 years.

LogTag® TICT-iS0°Tag® freeze indicators are ideal when needing to make straight-forward and uncomplicated decisions about a shipment's temperature delivery conditions at the destination - without having to use a computer or printer.

If download of statistical data is useful this can be done via a separately available interface and the free LogTag® Analyzer software.


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