Moisture Analyzer Moisture Analysis in Solids

Moisture Analyzer

Computrac® Analysis instruments for identification and determination of moisture in liquids and solids excel through their maximum precision combined with robust and solid construction.

Two product lines are available which differ in their general measurement principle:

The "MAX®" line is based on thermogravimetry („Loss on Drying“) where a weight difference after heating determines moisture content, whereas the "VaporPro®" line measures the precise moisture content via a defined extraction of a carrier gas (dried air).

Computrac® Instruments are used in many areas such as plastics, pharmceutical, chemical and food industries for moisture content analysis in powders, tablets, freeze-dried products, granulates, plastic products, paints and coatings and many more.

MAX® - Serie


Computrac® MAX®5000XL The jack-of-all-trades

Computrac MAX-5000XL

The Computrac® MAX®-5000 is the most comprehensive of the MAX®-Series instruments. Aside from moisture analysis in solids and liquids it can also be used as an ash analyzer for up to 600°C, if desired even during the same test! Features include self-cleaning oven and ashing rate control as well as connectivity to the company wide IT infrastructure.

  • Sample size: 200 mg … 100 g
  • Resolution: Moisture 0.0001 %RH; Balance: 0.0001 g
  • Moisture/Solids Range: 0.1% … 99 %RH
  • Heating Range: 25 … 600 °C
  • Memory:
    • Test Parameter: 244 user programmable test parameter sets
    • Test Results: Data from last 1,000 tests, graphs from last 100 tests

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Computrac® MAX®4000XL

The Computrac® MAX®-4000XL offers a variety of advantageous features and is ideally suited to identify and determine moisture content in solids and liquids. Stores up to 250 sets of test parameters, a fully automated test cycle ensures easy operation and flexible ending criteria guarantee accurate test results.

  • Sample size: 100 mg … 40 g
  • Resolution: Moisture 0.0001 %RH; Balance: 0.0001 g
  • Humdity range: 0.005 … 100%RH
  • Heating Range: 25 … 275°C
  • Memory:
    • Test Parameter: 250 user programmable test parameter sets
    • Testergebnisse: Daten der letzten 1000 Messungen

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Computrac MAX-4000XL




VaporPro® XL - Moisture Specific Analyzer

Computrac Vapor Pro XL

The next generation in moisture analysis

Improved repeatability, precision, flexibility and an advanced user interface - the Vapor Pro® XL is the latest in moisture specific analysis technology from Computrac®. The VPXL is ideal for any application in which Karl Fischer titration is used. It features an upgraded heater and increased control over testing temperatures.

The VPXL is completely chemical free and is compatible with multiple sizes of sample vials. It is also equipped with stepped temperature testing capabilities for enhanced method development.

  • Sample size: 10 mg … 20 g
  • Resolution: 1 ppm
  • Moisture range: 10 ppm / 10µg Wasser … 100 %RH
  • Temperature range: 25 … 300 °C
  • Memory: The VPXL stores up to 250 test programs and retains the last 1000 test results and last 100 test graphs, enabling users to view and select past test results for statistical analysis and test a variety of samples with ease.

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