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Interesting publications on Temperature, Humidity, Validation & Monitoring



Titel English German
Thermistors and Thermocouples - Matching the Tool to the Task in Thermal Validation  
An Argument Against The Use Of Thermocouples  
Guidelines on the Calibration of Temperature Block Calibrators
Metrology Wells versus dry-wells: do vertical gradients really matter?  
Are All Traceability Statements Equal  
Computing Total Uncertainty with Dry-Well Calibrators  
Is Your Thermometer Accurate  
Probe Sensor Types and Failure Modes  
Stem Conduction Errors  
Loop closure after Calibration – Probes  



Titel English German
Practical Humidity Calibration Experiences  
Is Your RH System Safe  
What the Specifications of Your Humidity Measurement System Might be Missing  
Methods of Accurately Measuring Capacitive RH Sensors  
Monitoring Relative Humidity in Clean Rooms & Electronics Manufacturing  
A Simple Solution for Sensor Drift  

Validation and Monitoring

Titel English German
9 Things you need to know about Continuous Monitoring Systems
50+ FDA Acronyms that matter to your business  
Validating/Mapping a Chamber
Warehouse Monitoring: Medical/Surgical Supply Distributor Improves Efficiency and Compliance
How to Respond to (and Avoid) FDA Form 483s for Temperature, Humidity and other Controlled Environments  
Monitoring Systems - You can have it all  
Monitoring Environmental Conditions in Operating Rooms  
Chamber Monitoring  
Switching From Chart Recorders to Data Loggers  
Redundant Data Collection in Stability Chambers  
Data Logger Technology Assures Accuracy and Reliability of Clinical Freezer Monitoring  
Pharmaceutical Warehouse Validation