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High-Precision Calibration of your Infrared Thermometers

Our Kambic Infrared Calibrators (Black Body Sources) for calibration laboratories are perfect for calibrating and checking infrared thermometers, heat-detecting cameras and other thermographic devices across wide temperature ranges.

This range of Kambic infrared calibrators are fluid baths with black body cavities, featuring a highly stable temperature control system and a unique temperature uniformity of better than ±0.007 °C across the entire bath volume. 

Metrological high-end solution

    • Uniformity and stability in the mK range
    • Developed for calibration laboratories
    • Fluid ensures perfect heat transfer
    • Unique design for highest metrological performance
    • Incredibly versatile - can also be used for calibration of temperature probes

Infrared Calibrator - Laboratory Tabletop Edition


  • Compact construction - ideal for on-site calibrations
  • Black body with an emissivity of more than 0.99 when used in the
    fluid bath.
  • Ready-to-install reference PRT or SPRT for fluid stability monitoring
  • Ready for use as a tabletop device
  • Perfect for calibration of touchless infrared measurement systems
  • Selection of (bespoke) black body cavity inserts available
Tabletop unit "OB-15/2 BBC”
Temperature range +30 °C to +130 °C
0 °C to 130 °C (separate circulation cooler required)
Temperature stability (°C) 

±0.002 °C at +30 °C
±0.002 °C at +37 °C
±0.002 °C at +50 °C
±0.003 °C at +70 °C
Temperature uniformity (°C)  ±0.007 °C
Tank volume approx. 15 litres
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Infrared Calibrator - Floor Standing Edition


  • Uniformity and stability in the mK range
  • Fluid ensures perfect heat transfer
  • Two different temperature ranges available
  • Several different black body cavities available
                                                     OB-15/2 BB OB-15/2 BBLT 
Temperature range +40 °C to 250 °C -20 °C to +130 °C
Temperature stability (°C) 

±0.003 °C at 100 °C

±0.006 °C at -20 °C
±0.005 °C at 0 °C
±0.003 °C at +100 °C
Temperature uniformity (°C)  ±0,007 °C at +100 °C ±0,007 °C at -20 °C
Tank volume 15 Litres 15 Litres

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Kambic infrared calibrator

Available black-body cavities

Customized Solutions 

We realize customized infrared calibration baths to offer the ideal solution for your calibration application. Describe your requirements and we implement your individual calibration solution.

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