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Constant Climate Cabinets and Top-of-the-range Environmental Chambers - Kambic Metrology

Our climate chambers are high-precision appliances for environmental simulation. These chambers are able to generate exact climate profiles and climatic cycles as well as allowing you to perform alternating temperature tests with and without the addition of humidity. Our aim is to offer you the best possible tools for quality assurance through validated test results with maximum reproducibility.

Designed for demanding environmental simulations, Kambic Climate Chambers produce an extremely uniform and stable temperature and humidity distribution. Humidity is maintained accurately and quickly, thanks to the innovative dew point humidity control. Quiet operation and availability of carbon-neutral models distinguish Kambic climate chambers as high-end products for research and development studies, quality control, production facilities and laboratory testing. With our environmental test chambers, you can perform precise temperature and climatic tests, weather, ageing and stability tests.




  • High-end simulation of environmental conditions
  • Extremely precise control of temperature and humidity
  • Adjustable air circulation
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Freely configurable audiovisual alarms
  • Intuitive control unit with LC display and various programs
  • Individual sizes and walk-in models available

High-end Environmental Chambers

How do heat, cold and humidity affect your products? Our high-end constant climate cabinets and top-of-the-range environmental chambers provide reliable and repeatable stability tests and ageing tests.

Sophisticated stress tests and standardized long-term tests are ideal applications for our climate chambers, featuring wide temperature and humidity ranges. They excel in laboratory use with their fast heating and cooling rates as well as excellent distribution and stability of temperature and relative humidity. Equipped with dew-point humidity control, the highest precision is guaranteed in maintaining humidity levels. On offer are the highest quality and functionality.

We offer models with an interior volume starting at 50 litres up to walk-in test chambers. We would be pleased to advise you in detail about the features our climate chambers offer for laboratories and quality assurance.

Standard Series CH
Temperature range +5° C to +180 °C
Temperature stability ±0.05 °C at 50 °C and 50 %rh
±0.05 °C at 90 °C and 90 %rh
±0.1 °C at 180 °C
Temperature uniformity ±0.4 °C at 50 °C and 50 %rh
±0.4 °C at 90 °C and 90 %rh
±1.5 °C at 180 °C
Humidity stability up to ±0.5 %rh at 50 °C and 50 %rh
up to ±0.5 %rh at 90 °C and 90 %rh
Chamber volume 50 to 1,000 litres
Learn more about the technology and the models. 

Low-series CHLT for low temperatures
Temperature range -40 °C to +180 °C
Temperature stability ±0.2 °C at -40 °C
±0.05 °C at 50 °C and 50 %rh
±0.05 °C at 90 °C and 90 %rh
±0.1 °C at 180 °C
Temperature uniformity ±1.5 °C at -40 °C
±0.3 °C at 50 °C and 50 %rh
±0.3 °C at 90 °C and 90 %rh
±1.5 °C at 180 °C
Humidity stability ±0.5% at 50 °C and 50 %rh
±0.5% at 90 °C and 90 %rh
Chamber volume 50 to 1,000 litres
Learn more about the technical data.

Ultra-low-series CHULT for ultra-low temperatures
Temperature range -75 °C to +180 °C
Temperature stability ±1.0 °C at -75 °C
±0.08 °C at 50 °C and 50 %rh
±0.1 °C at 90 °C and 90 %rh
±0.2 °C at 180 °C
Temperature uniformity ±1.5 °C at -75 °C
±0.5 °C at 50 °C and 50 %rh
±0.5 °C at 90 °C and 90 %rh
±1.5 °C at 180 °C
Humidity stability ±0.5% at 50°C and 50 %rh
±0.5% at 90 °C and 90 %rh
Chamber volume 105 to 1,000 litres
Learn more about the technical data.

High End

Kambic climate chamber KK-50 CH

Kambic climate chamber KK-1000 CHLT

Kambic climate chamber KK-190 CHULT

New! "Green" Climatic Chambers now Available as Laboratory Equipment

Do you value sustainability, or need a carbon-neutral environmental chamber to comply with environmental regulations?

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, combined with outstanding performance. These are our carbon-neutral climate chambers in a nutshell. They use the ozone friendly and carbon neutral refrigerant R600a (Isobutane).

This enables you to undertake environmentally friendly and sustainable simulations with the highest possible performance. In addition to the ecological contribution and the high precision these whisper-quiet chambers also avoid creating a noisy work environment.  

Carbon neutral climate chambers
Temperature range +5 °C to 95 °C
Temperature stability ±0.1 °C
Temperature uniformity ±0.6 °C
Humidity range  10 %rh to 95 %rh
Humidity stability  ±2 %rh
Chamber volume 57 and 730 litres
Learn more about the technical data and different models.
What is R600a coolant and what advantages does it offer?

Environmentally friendly climate chamber KK-50-DFA

Kambic Climate Chamber PKK-50

Ultra Stable Climate Chamber

Do your environmental tests require the highest precision?

Peltier-based temperature and humidity control ensure exceptional stability and uniformity. This makes our ultra stable climate chambers the ideal tool to precisely calibrate your temperature and humidity sensors and perform highly demanding stability tests.

Equipped with PID cascade control and dew point humidity control, they are quiet and vibration-free during operation.

Choose between 57 or 125 litres volume.

Ultra stable Climate Chambers PKK-50 and PKK-125
Temperature range +8 °C to +55 °C
Temperature stability up to ±0.03 °C
Temperature uniformity up to ±0.25 °C
Humidity range 10 %rh to 98 %rh
Humidity stability up to ±0.1 %rh
Chamber volume 340, 500 and 1,000 litres

Learn more about the technical data.


Climate Chamber for Stability Tests According to ICH Guidelines

Do you want to perform stability testing of pharmaceuticals according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)? 

Our climate chambers for stability tests are perfectly suited for use in the pharmaceutical sector and are calibrated at all climatic points of the ICH guidelines (Q1A). High-precision stability and a homogeneous temperature and humidity distribution ensure unparalleled repeatability of your stability tests for all ICH climatic conditions.

Choose between a model of 820 or 1300 litres

Climate Chambers STKK
Temperature range +10 °C bis +60 °C
Temperature stability better than ±0.5 °C for all ICH climatic conditions
Temperature uniformity better than ±1.5 °C for all ICH climatic conditions
Humidity range 20 %rF bis 90 %rF
Humidity stability better than ±3% for all ICH climatic conditions
Chamber volume 820 and 1300 litres

Learn more about the technical data.

Kambic Climate Chamber for Stability Tests

Kambic Climate Chamber RK-1000

Plant Growth Chambers

Do you wish to carry out tests in botanical and agricultural areas?

Our plant growth chambers are the ideal solution for plant tissue studies, seed germination studies and plant genetic research. 

Simulating extremely realistic conditions for your tests allows you to record highly accurate and reliable research results. This is achieved by the realistic daylight simulation and a 24-hour day & night cycle control. If required, the CO2 concentration inside the growth chamber can also be controlled.

Maximum reproducibility of simulations is ensured via Kambic’s well-known stability and homogeneous temperature and humidity distribution.

Plant growth chambers RK-340 CH, RK-500 CH and RK-1000 CH
Temperature range +5 °C to +60 °C
Temperature stability better than ±0.3 °C
Temperature uniformity Better than ±1 °C at +37 °C
Humidity range 10 %rh to 95 %rh
Humidity stability  better than ±3 %rh
Chamber volume 340, 500 and 1,000 liters

Learn more about the technical data.

Climate Chambers for Your Specific Requirements - Tailor-Made Systems

From walk-in climate chambers to climate cabinets with larger-than-average volumes. Your specific requirements can be met and implemented - down to the smallest detail. 

Please describe your requirements and our engineers will design your customized system.

               Climate Chambers - Custom Solutions


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Technical Features of our Climate Chambers

Climate chamber with dew-point humidity control

How does the dew point control used in our climate chambers work?

The relative humidity in the climate test chamber is adjusted by a tempered water bath. To achieve a relative humidity of 60 %rh at 50 °C, the temperature of the water bath must be kept at a constant 40 °C. This corresponds to the dew point at 50 °C and 60 %rh.

Using this innovative humidity control system in our climate chambers, the environmental conditions can be precisely adjusted and kept very stable.

Dew Point Control

Climate test cabinets with PID control

Our high-quality temperature and climate cabinets are equipped with PID control. PID stands for proportional, integral and derivative. This control loop mechanism is more powerful than a simple on-off controller because it quickly approaches pre-set parameters such as temperature or humidity without undesirable overshoot and keeps them precisely at default values.

The intelligent PID controller in Kambic’s environmental test chambers ensures a very uniform and stable temperature distribution across the entire test chamber volume and for the whole temperature range.

Peltier-based temperature control for ultra-stable climate cabinets

These cabinets are equipped with a Peltier-based temperature control system, which guarantees fast heating and cooling times while maintaining the highest precision. The ultra stable temperature control and uniformity of our Peltier climate test cabinets of up to ±0.03 °C are unmatched in today’s market.

These Stability Chambers are designed for climatic (environmental simulation), material and stability tests. The Peltier system makes them quiet, space-saving, environmentally friendly and at the same time very economical. Innovative Peltier technology in Kambic’s climate test cabinets enables stable and accurate long-term testing. The tight temperature control between +8 ºC and +55 ºC and the active humidification and dehumidification of 10 %rh to 98 %rh have been optimally chosen for the requirements of stability analysis.

Basing the heating and cooling concept of the environmental cabinets on Peltier elements also convinces with high efficiency, achieving energy savings of up to 90% during the course of a test lasting several months. Because of its vibration-free operation, the constant climate chamber is ideal not only for environmental simulation and long-term material testing but also for the breeding of insects and reptiles.