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Climate Chambers and Temperature Cabinets

Test Chambers for Environmental Simulation and Quality Assurance

How do climatic and thermal stresses affect your products, materials or substances?
With our environmental test chambers you gain validated and reproducible statements. 

The most important aspects of quality assurance and material testing are reliable tests and reproducible results. To help you understand the effects of temperature and humidity on your product, Kambic test chambers allow generating artificial environmental conditions. These highly precise test chambers for climatic and temperature environment simulation allow you to conduct stability testing, accelerated stress testing and conditioning not only for plastics and materials, but also for biomass, pharmaceuticals and food. The outstanding features of the Kambic chambers for environment simulation are their extremely high stability and uniformity of temperature and humidity.

Our environmental chambers represent high-end solutions for

  • Product life simulation
  • Accelerated stress testing
  • Tests for stability and ageing
  • Conditioning of plastics and materials
  • Testing the effects on performance and functionality of plastics and building materials

Well-known customers rely on the solutions offered by Kambic and CiK

What is an Environmental Simulation Chamber/Cabinet?

The ever-increasing complexity of modern products combined with the pressures to decrease a product's time-to-market requires product testing using artificially created environmental conditions. Most often, temperature and humidity play a decisive role. Such research projects and product tests are typically conducted in environmental simulation cabinets or chambers.

Individual Designs

As many thermal and climatic environmental conditions there are, as many individual custom solutions we have on offer. Please forward your specific requirements to us - we will design your individually customized Test Cabinet or Chamber for Temperature and/or humidity.