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MSR Mini Data Loggers

One of a kind Currently there is no comparable system in world that allows a similar level of customization to your individual requirements. Create your custom MSR data logger with features exactly matched to your application. Just like a modular system - you are the one to pick and choose the sensors.

Select from temperature, humidity, pressure, light and 3-axis accelerometer and orientation (xyz-axis). Other parameters can be measured using up to four analogue inputs. All sensors can be mounted either internally or externally.

The default memory in these miniaturized quality data loggers can store more than 2,000,000 samples. With the help of an optionally available microSD card this can be expanded to one billion samples.

Recordings are transferred to a PC via a USB port during or after completion of logging, and analyzed with the MSR software, which can be downloaded for free. Recorded measurements are presented in list or graphic format, and any number of recordings can be combined into a singe file.

Long term measurements can be facilitated through the use of a larger capacity battery. Waterproof versions are also available.

You will not find an application in which MSR data loggers can’t provide a solution to your problem!


2019 Product of the Year

MSR175 - voted electronic product of the year!


At a Glance - Meet the MSR Data Logger Series


All MSR data loggers can be configured to measure the parameters temperature, humidity, pressure, light, acceleration and orientation, as well as analog voltage or current signals. On all MSR loggers these sensors can be mounted either inside the case or externally via a lead. Additionally, individual models are optimized for particular applications.


Recording examples

Analogue inputs Beispiel Messungen mit 2 analogen Eingängen. 1 x Temp. 2 x Spannungseingänge.
Acceleration / position / vibration / shock / stroke / oscillations Beispielsmessungen an einem Förderband. Um Fehlfabrikationen, sprich defekte Betonplatten zu vermeiden, wurde mit einem MSR165 Datenlogger ermittelt, wo auf dem Förderband die stärksten G-Kräfte entstehen. Aufzeichnung eines Schlages mit einem MSR165 Datenlogger. Lage-Messung: Drehung um X-, Y- und Z-Achse Schwingungsmessungen mit MSR165 Datenlogger Aufzeichnung von Schlägen bei einer Velofahrt
Pressure MSR145-Druckmessungen beim Wiederkauen einer Kuh MSR145 Langzeitmessung von Druck MSR145 Druckmessungen 10Hz
Humidity Feuchtemessungen im Tunnelbau mit einem MSR145 Datenlogger
Light Licht-Messung mit einem MSR Datenlogger
Temperature Temperatur- und Feuchtemessungen mit MSR Datenlogger


Video featuring MSR data loggers





Transport Monitoring with MSR165 Data Loggers.

Protect your goods during transportation by using MSR Data Loggers! During transportation, freight is subjected to a wide range of external influences that could lead to goods becoming damaged. The MSR Data Loggers enable you to get seamless information about the transportation conditions of a shipment. The robust MSR165 is capable of making 1600 acceleration measurements per second in all three axes. Any damage during transit can be identified at an early stage and conditions can be reconstructed fully - even questions of liability can be assessed objectively. The evaluation of the measurement data supplies valuable data for optimizing your packaging and your means of transportation. Using one of the small MSR Data Loggers can save you a great deal of time, frustration and, most of all, money.