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Laboratory cooling solutions - Our Experience in the Freezing Industry

For over 85 years Angelantoni has been producing a full range of refrigerators and freezers for the long-term preservation of biological samples used in scientific laboratories, in pharmaceutical research, in hospitals and in many other applications - whereever it is necessary to preserve materials at low temperatures.

Angelantoni’s experience in the refrigeration market, combined with the continuous search for solutions which can provide its customers quality products, has led to the development of X-COLD, a new product line with functions developed and tested by biomedical professional
The wide range of different volumes and being equipped with state-of-the-art electronic controllers makes the X-COLD series devices some of the best laboratory products on the market when it comes to flexibility and reliability.

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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Nexus

This state-of-the-art range of ultra-freezers was specifically designed and tested after long-standing cooperation with professionals and organizations in the biomedical sector - for long term conservation between -86 °C and -40 °C.

Angelantoni Smartfreezer

Our Smartfreezer® EVO LAB is a robotic solution for the automated storage and retrieval of vials with biological material in liquid nitrogen, at cryogenic temperatures (-180 °C).