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Pass Boxes Pass-Through Chamber - Material Hatch - Transfer Hatch - Airlock

Pass Boxes Pass-Through Chamber - Material Hatch - Transfer Hatch - Airlock

Pass Boxes for Clean Rooms

Pass boxes are most commonly used to allow safe transfer of material, equipment, documents or samples between clean rooms or rooms in different grade or/and pressure.

Usage of airlocks for materials minimize the risk of airborne cross contamination. Further add on function such as air circulation and filtration, UV lights, etc. to the base model will make transfers of your material even safer and cleaner.


Highlights of Pass Boxes

  • Innovative single-handed locking
    This non-powered, mechanical latch allows easy opening of the hatch with one hand, eliminating inconvenient "interim parking" of the product
  • Mirror-polished stainless steel surface 
    No unwanted contamination on this mirror-finish surface, polished to perfection
  • Design optimized for cleaning
    A design with no rough edges or corners allows a fast, easy and thorough cleaning process
  • Tempered glass doors
    12mm thick tempered glass doors guarantee maximum safety, an easy observation of the box interior and optimum tightness
  • Complete Set
    Our airlocks are supplied complete with frame, console and all fasteners
  • Easy maintenance
    The Kambic hatches are maintenance-free and also indicate when UV-C tubes have to be replaced, show the degree of contamination of the Hepa filter and also have two separate inlets for a DOP test.
  • Wide range of accessories
    Electric locking mechanism, UV-C light, air curtain, Hepa filter, HVAC terminal, H2O2 intake and other options leave nothing to be desired

Kambic Pass Box