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Validation of Climate Chambers for Temperature and Humidity

Regular validation of climate chambers plays a crucial role when you need to comply with regulatory guidelines and quality standards. Using our systems for the qualification of climate chambers, you can make sure that exact climatic conditions will be simulated.

Mounting System for Mapping of Climate Chambers

The Kambic Spider features a highly flexible construction that allows you to position temperature sensors in climatic chambers. It was specially developed for mapping temperature and climate chambers. The intelligent cable routing enables temperature sensors to be easily connected to a number of different multi-channel thermometers - including our thermometer of choice, the multi-channel MBW T12. This allows you to carry out temperature and humidity tests, calibration, validation and uniformity studies of climate chambers for your own company.

Kambic Spider Features
  • 11 adjustable sensor mounts
  • suitable for temperature probes from 3 to 6mm in diameter
  • intelligent cable management
  • Temperature range -50 °C to +200 °C
  • Conforms to climate test standards
This configuration meets the requirements of climatic testing standards and guidelines such as EURAMET/cg/20, IEC60068, DKD-R 5-7 and NF X 15-140.

Data sheet Kambic Spider
Kambic Spider
Flexible mounting system for temperature and humidity sensors
The mapping system features eleven sensor mounts made from flexible and insulating silicone. This isolates the temperature sensors from the stainless-steel mounting rods, also incorporating an intelligent cable routing system. You can use temperature probes with a diameter of 3 to 6 mm in a temperature range of -50 °C to +200 °C. The mounting rods are constructed so that the user can position the temperature sensors in the top and bottom corners (8), as well as the vertical center line of the chamber, giving you a 360° temperature or humidity profile.

Uniformity of humidity
In combination with a dew point chilled mirror hygrometer, temperature uniformity data can be combined with dew point data for relative humidity uniformity studies.

Two versions of the Kambic Spider are available:
The Spider 600 is suitable for chambers with internal dimensions up to 480 mm, the Spider 1000 for chambers with internal dimensions up to 1,200mm.

Kambic Spider

Multi-channel Temperature Measurement System

Model T12 is a multi-channel temperature measurement system that provides high-precision temperature data from up to 12 sensors for calibration and validation purposes. It is ideal for climate chamber validation applications where temperature uniformity is a significant contributor to overall system uncertainty. Using multiple probes connected to the T12 allow a spatial temperature measurement so you can visualize gradients within the chamber. 

The high precision and long term stability of the T12 and its connected Pt-100 probes enable test engineers to precisely establish the temperature and its distribution. Using a chilled mirror device, T12 temperature data can be combined with dew point or frost point data to define the relative humidity distribution within a test or stability chamber. This methodology is defined as part of test standards and guidelines such as EC60068-1, DKD-R 5-7, Euramet-cg-20 and NF X 15-140.
Features of the multi-channel thermometer
  • High precision, stability and repeatability
  • Integrated high-stability reference resistors
  • 22-bit analog-to-digital converter 
  • PC software for instrument control and data acquisition
  • Dedicated versions for Pt-100 and Pt-25
Data sheet Multi-channel Thermometer T12

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MBW Dew Point Mirror 473

MBW Dew Point Mirror 473

The dew-point mirror model 473 is a portable instrument equipped with a remote measuring head for selective and continuous measurement of dew point and temperature in air and gas mixtures. Based on the chilled mirror principle, the 473 provides direct and accurate humidity measurements.

The frost/dew point measurement can be combined with a multi-channel temperature measurement device such as the MBW T12. Such a system offers spatial temperature and RH distribution measurements, which can be displayed, recorded and analyzed for validation purposes.

Dew point mirror features
  • High-precision chilled mirror technology
  • Remote measuring heads including temperature sensor
  • Optional barometric pressure measurement
  • Optional analogue outputs ±10 V and 4-20 mA
  • LCD color touch screen with intuitive user interface
  • Verifiable calibration
Data sheet Dew Point Mirror MBW 473

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Flexible System Options for Climate Chamber Validation

1. Mapping system

Kambic Spider
Sensor mount for climate chamber mapping

Kambic Spider
2. Mapping and temperature validation system

Kambic Spider + Thermometer T12
Sensor mount for climatic chamber mapping and system for temperature validation

Kambic Spider + Thermometer T12
3. Complete system for temperature and humidity validation
Kambic Spider + Thermometer T12 + Dew Point Mirror 473
Complete system for temperature and humidity validation in climate chambers

Kambic Spider + Thermometer T12 + Dew Point Mirror 473
Climate Chamber Validation
The validation of a climate chamber should be performed regularly to achieve the required specifications and to comply with laboratory or regulatory standards. Climate chambers can be tested with and without a load depending on the type of product being tested.  

During the validation procedure, the chamber is subjected to a functional test with calibrated instruments for humidity and temperature, to establish actual values achieved, the stability of the control mechanism and the spatial distribution or gradients. The choice of instrument used to measure chamber performance affects the uncertainty associated with the chamber calibration.