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Vaisala Central, fail-safe monitoring system of the highest quality

Vaisala - Data Loggers and Continuous Monitoring System

Do you work in the pharmaceutical industry, bio-technology or other critical areas where compliance with predefined parameters is extremely important?

Find out why the world’s largest pharmaceutical producers and manufacturers of bio-technology and medical equipment rely upon this Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) for monitoring temperature, humidity and other critical parameters.

Monitoring System

Vaisala - Overview Video


Watch the video to learn about the fail-safe, GMP compliant and highly precise 24/7 monitoring system by Vaisala.


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Sorting out wireless



  • Fail Safe
    Maximum data security through independent, redundant data storage, 10-year battery life and automatic data recovery in the event of data loss
  • GxP / FDA compliant
    The system is certified according to international standards. Ideal for regulated areas where high-end products and processes need to be monitored.
    Comprehensive IQ/OQ documentation is also available.
  • Flexible Alarm generation - 24/7, worldwide, to any recipient
    Remote and on-site alarms - Informs via SMS, telephone, pager, PC, both acoustically and visually when defined thresholds have been exceeded
  • Comprehensive reports - simple, automatic, customized
    Generate custom reports and send them by e-mail on demand or automatically according to schedule
  • Highest precision and long term stability
    The Vaisala continuous monitoring system is based on high-quality, independent data loggers, which are highly precise, long-term stable and calibrated according to ISO 17025
  • Validation/Qualification and continuous monitoring in a single system
    Use the validated data loggers for your mapping studies and integrate the same loggers into your monitoring system afterwards
  • Easy to install
    Even large systems can be integrated within a few hours into your facility. You decide whether this is done wirelessly or using the company's Ethernet infrastructure

Typical applications for the viewLinc monitoring system:

  • Storage areas and buildings
  • Blood banks, tissue banks and organ banks
  • Refrigerators and freezers, cool rooms and cold rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Stability chambers and incubators
  • Calibration laboratories
  • Archives
  • Medical research
  • Critical production areas

Monitoring wireless

Additional System Common Configurations inclusive Wireless

viewLinc - Overview Video


Watch the video to learn about the details of “viewLinc”, the fail-safe, GMP compliant and highly precise 24/7 Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) by Vaisala.


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