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Continuous Monitoring During Category 5 Hurricane Safeguards Pharmaceuticals


Teva - one of the world's largest pharmaceutical organization- made the decision to upgrade their continuous monitoring system (CMS), as their existing system had become expensive and labour-intensive. For this, they compared three system providers. After evaluating all three systems they chose the Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System. Following were the three key reasons for the selection: data integrity, browser-based monitoring and fast, easy reports.

Vaisala Customer success story Teva


The Vaisala viewLinc system safeguards valuable reagents, organs and tissues used to save lives.

Founded in 1973, Lifesharing is a nonprofit organ procurement organization (OPO) partnered with UC San Diego Medical Center. In 2016 organ donations to Lifesharing saved 363 lives, setting a new annual record for the organization. In the same year, Lifesharing recovered tissue from 471 donors. This tissue represented treatment potential for up to 24,000 people. Since its inception, Lifesharing has saved over 7,000 lives through recovered organs and helped thousands more through donated tissue.

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Lifesharing Safeguards Donated Tissues and Organs with Reliable Temperature Monitoring & Alarming

Glass Beads? Glycol? Aluminium? Choosing a Buffer...

Which Buffer is the right one?

We use aluminium cylinders designed for our temperature probes. But how did we design these buffers? And how we know they equate a bottle of glycol? In this application we describe the basic design and test process for our probe buffering devices and review the concepts and calculation of specific heat an heat capacity.

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Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System - Ensuring security, effectiveness and GDP conformity

Alloga France (a member of the Walgreens Boots Alliance group) made the decision to replace the temperature-monitoring systems at each site with a new wireless probe system and has selected the Vaisala Monitoring System to ensure security, effectiveness, and GDP conformity at its locations.

Customer Story

Alloga France Warehouse

9 Things you need to know about Continuous Monitoring Systems

Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System

You are working in a company regulated by the FDA or you define the requirements for internal quality standards? We have compiled a short primer with 9 things you need to know about continuous monitoring systems in FDA regulated environments.


Refrigerator & Freezer Monitoring

viewLinc - Vaisala's Refrigerator/Freezer monitoring, alarming & reporting system - provides a time and cost saving solution for critical cold environments, making product losses a thing of the past. Fail-Safe Refrigerator & Freezer Temperature Monitoring & Alarming via PC, e-mail and cell phone.

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Refrigerator & Freezer Monitoring

Temperature and Humidity Validation (Mapping)

Vaisala - Temperature and Humidity Validation

Validation professionals more and more use the simple yet precise Vaisala Validation System for their mapping solutions - to save time and money with uncompromising accuracy.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions about Temperature and Humidity Validation

In regulated industries it is a requirement to validate temperature and relative humidity conditions in a variety of equipment such as climatic chambers, refrigerators and freezers. Here you find answers to the five most frequently asked questions.

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Mapping of a Climatic Chamber

Mitigating Risk in Stability Applications


Stability testing and monitoring is a critical step in drug research, development and manufacturing. However, if the data compiled during a stability study is inaccurate or incomplete, the credibility of the study is at risk, creating the potential for devastating liabilities and loss.

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Simple and accurate validation of warehouses - reduced downtime and set-up by up to 80%! Within the pharmaceutical industry, temperate and humidity mapping has long been vital to the safe production of drug products. In recent years, however, the requirement for validation has extended to include storage facilities.

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Temperature Monitoring in Warehousing with Vaisala

Climate Chamber

Application in Climate Chambers

Facillitate stability tests for validating and qualifying products by prescribing defined temperature and humidity. The stability tests impact how pharmaceuticals are produced, packaged, labeled and sold. However, creating the exact environmental conditions in a stability test is a complex process, but necessary to comply with standards defined by regulatory bodies like ICH and the FDA as well as to ensure the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products.

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Fail-safe Monitoring of Blood & Tissue Banks

Vaisala's temperature monitoring and alarm system safeguards cold storage of Blood, Organs and Human Cell & Tissue products in a simple, compact solution. FDA Compliant and completely flexible, our blood and tissue temperature monitoring system can be used for 24/7 remote monitoring or validation of temperature in blood refrigerators and other blood and tissue bank equipment.

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Temperature Monitoring in a Blood Bank

Building Automation and other Systems

Vaisala OPC Server Software

Fail-safe monitoring with Vaisala data logger. Vaisala OPC software allows integration of fail-safe, highly accurate and maintenance free Vaisala data loggers into existing installations such as BAS (Building Automations System) or monitoring systems.

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