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We offer products for quality assurance For temperature, humidity and other parameters...

CiK Solutions - Improving Quality


The aim of CiK Solutions is to help you to further improve the quality of your products.

Our core competence lies with highly regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical, bio-tech, medical devices, hospitals, aerospace, calibration laboratories. Other industries where temperature and humidity are critical will also find CiK Solutions can provide and support the right products to successfully solve their problems, including food, chemical, environmental, electronics, automotive, traffic and many more.


CiK Solutions offer the right answers for

  • GMP-compliant qualification of any rooms such as storage, refrigerators/freezers, and many more.
  • Validation of steam autoclaves, freeze dryers, hot air tunnels, etc.
  • Central and fail-safe monitoring of temperature, humidity and other variables
  • Stability testing, environmental modeling, drying operations, stress tests
  • Transport monitoring for temperature, humidity, shock, light and air pressure
  • Pass Boxes for Clean Rooms
  • Calibration of sensors and transmitters
  • Identification and quantification of moisture content in solids and liquids.


Our solutions are used in all areas of a company, including

  • Quality Assurance
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Process and plant equipment monitoring
  • Production
  • Laboratories
  • Research & Development
  • Building Management


Already hundreds of companies trust in CiK Solutions and team up with us to find new ways to solve their issues, ranging from large enterprises to small owner-operators. Therefore please carefully check our reference client list.