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LogTag Data Logger 

The most cost-effective data logger in the market! LogTag products are designed to meet the growing demand for cost effective electronic environmental logging solutions.

Combining state of the art technology, innovative design and high volume manufacturing techniques, the LogTag system provides the most cost effective, high performance environmental data logging system available for today's market.

Introduction Video of LogTag Data loggers

The new introductory video presents the globally used LogTag range of data loggers and highlights typical industries, sectors and applications in which these are used.

LogTag VideoLogTag Introduction Video


LogTag® data loggers are ideally suited when temperature or temperature and humidity need to be monitored and electronically recorded in a cost-effective and efficient way.

They provide re-assurance through seamless cold chain monitoring of fresh and frozen produce, medical products, pharmaceuticals and many more, or simply document transportation of temperature and/or humidity sensitive goods, verify HVAC installations and monitor conditions in agriculture, animal husbandry, environment, horticulture and many other sectors.
LogTag® products are used in just about every imaginable application, whether for simple dry room monitoring or complex pharmaceutical applications where stringent guidelines such as FDA21CFR11 apply - LogTag data loggers are the right choice!

The LogTag family of data loggers now includes models with USB communication. These temperature loggers come with a built-in USB plug for direct connection to a computer, most of them allowing the automatic generation of a PDF-Report for analysis.

Complementing the LogTag® data logger series, the electronic temperature indicator series is also available. Very often a yes/no statement is sufficient to know if temperatures have remained within pre-defined thresholds, without knowing the detailed temperature history. LogTag® Temperature Indicators TIC20 and TICT were specifically designed with these applications in mind.


Select from:

  • standard temperature only models with integrated or external sensor
  • ultra-low temperature models, measuring down to -80°C (e.g. dry ice) with integrated sensor or external probe
  • a combined temperature and humidity model
  • with or without display
  • with integrated USB


  • Unbeatable value for money
  • THE gold standard of transport monitoring
  • Highly reliable and durable 
  • Powerful FDA 21CFR11 compliant software, freely available for download

Models & Features at a Glance:

LogTag Overview