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SenseAnywhere Perhaps the world's simplest and most intuitive monitoring system!

Easy and Reliable Monitoring with SenseAnywhere

Does the law require you to record, evaluate and archive temperatures or other parameters? Do you want to retain or improve your service quality, even without regulatory pressure?

Then you should find out more about our SenseAnywhere system, which almost entirely takes care of this for you.

We monitor your temperature and humidity data: professionally · reliably · conveniently

SenseAnywhere Overview Video


Get to know how the SenseAnywhere system can help you by exploring our product pages and watching this 2-minute introductory video.



Applications and Industries

Pharmacies, doctor’s practices, rest & nursing homes, hospitals, hotel & gastronomy, meat processing, supermarkets, laboratories, warehouses and many other sectors or areas are expected or even required to record temperature data, act upon threshold violations and archive the data obtained as proof.

Measurement Data from the Expert!

Man with headset at computer

When you have little or no experience in metrology, don’t want to concern yourself with calibration issues and are not keen on reading Min/Max thermometers twice daily, it is generally a good idea to transfer these requirements to someone who is constantly dealing with these matters.


Innovation in the monitoring industry:
The new concept - superbly simple!

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