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Vaisala humidity Calculator

Calculate or convert humidity values made easy

Humidity calculator

Humidity calculations and conversions made easy

The free Vaisala Humidity Calculator allows you to calculate several humidity parameters from one known value. Make unit conversions on the fly, and see the effects of changing ambient conditions, like temperature and pressure.


Calculate or convert:

  • relative humidity
  • dew point / frostpoint
  • absolute humidity
  • water content
  • mixing ratio
  • vapor pressure
  • parts per million
  • wet bulb temperature

Download as stand-alone Humidity Calculator:


Installation Procedure:

  1. Click the "Download Calculator" button
  2. Immediately after submitting the completed form, an e-mail with the download link will be sent to the given address.
    You may want to check your spam folder.
  3. Start the download by clicking on the link and confirm the following two windows with "Run". Follow the instructions.
  4. After completion of the download, start the Vaisala humidity calculator by double-clicking the corresponding button on your desktop.