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Humidity Calibrators Calibration system for moisture measurement

Humidity Calibrators Calibration system for moisture measurement

 Humidity Calibrators and Handheld Hygrometers

Generation of defined RH - Calibration of Humidity Probes - Traceable Humidity Measurement

For calibration and verification of humidity sensors and humidity transmitters in operation.

NEU  Calibration Climatic Chamber C3-50

The climate chamber C3-50 is the perfect tool for the calibration of RH probes and data loggers. It excels through its stable, whisper-quiet and vibration-free operation. 

Special Features:

  • Perfect for calibration of air temperature and relative humidity sensors
  • Superior temperature & humidity control and uniformity 
  • Stable, Silent, vibration free climatic conditions 
  • World-class metrology performance 
  • Mixed flow humidity control 

 Datasheet Calibration Climatic Chamber C3-50


Calibration Climatic Chamber




The compact HygroCal 100 calibration system is a light-weight, portable and cost-effective instrument, allowing users to easily perform checks in-house and in the field. It is ideally suited for validation and calibration of relative humidity probes in manufacturing facilities, meteorological offices and during food manufacturing/processing.

Special Features:

  • Extremely portable, (only 3.2 kg with desiccant and saturation chambers integrated)
  • Intuitive UI makes automating probe verification simple
  • Integral battery pack means validation can be done without access to services
  • Validate 7 probes simultaneously (diameter 5...25mm)
  • Automated validation procedures for complete hands-off probe verification
  • Generates humidity levels between 5 and 95% RH in 10% intervals
  • Fast stabilization of chamber humidity (in less than 5 minutes)
  • Accuracy of ±0.5% RH, traceable to international standards
  • Optionally, a chilled mirror reference hygrometer can be used as a reference instrument.

  Datasheet HygroCal100


Humidity and Temperature Generator S-904

The S-904 Humidity and Temperature Generator is the ideal instrument for calibration and verification of relative humidity sensors and transmitters. With a chamber temperature range of 10 to 50°C, a to date unparalleled temperature uniformity across the chamber room and the ability to generate 10-90 % RH, performing accurate and repeatable calibrations is made easy and effective.

Special Features:

  • Relative humidity and temperature control chamber
  • Excellent stability within chamber (±0.2 %RH, ±0.05°C)
  • Optional in-built data-logging for reference probe and probes under calibration
  • Probes with body diameters between 5 to 25 mm can be accepted
  • Accuracy of ±1% RH, traceable to international standards
  • Temperature generation from 10 to 50°C, with ± 0.1°C stability

 Datasheet Humidity and Temperature Generator S-904


Feuchte- und Temperatur-Kalibrator S-904

Opti-Cal - Humidity Calibrator with integrated, traceable chilled mirror reference

Feuchte-Kalibrator OptiCal

The Opti-Cal is a stand-alone calibrator for RH sensors providing humidity and temperature profiling with a built in, traceable cooled mirror reference hygrometer.

Special Features:

  • Easily perform RH sensor calibrations in-house
  • Easy to use, fully self-contained system
  • Digital control of chamber temperature and humidity values
  • Calibration range 10 to 90 %RH over 10 to 50°C chamber temperatures
  • Integrated traceable reference hygrometer
  • Best measurement capability

 Datasheet Opti-Cal humidity Calibrator


Optidew Vision - Optical Dew-Point Meter

A precision hygrometer, combining drift free measurement with the fl exibility of a remote sensor. Ideal for laboratory and industrial measurements, or as a calibration reference.

Special Features:

  • Fundamental drift-free dew-point measurement
  • Convenient, transportable package
  • ±0.2°Cdp accuracy; optional higher accuracy available
  • High temperature sensor option to +130°C
  • NEMA-12 bench-top housing
  • Display and output of multiple engineering units
  • High pressure sensor option to 25 MPa (250 barg)

 Datasheet Dew-Point Meter Optidew Vision

Präzisions-Taupunktmesser Optidew Vision