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Certainty and Composure

Face your next audit calm and in control.


Precision and Reliability

Even the smallest measurement errors can have negative impact on production, storage or transport of product, making the calibration of any instrument used essential.


We safeguard the quality of your products!

The calibration of measurement instruments contributes considerably to quality assurance and helps avoid scrap and re-work, or even claims for compensation.


Calibration - of instruments

Many industry sectors - such as Pharmaceutical, Health, Food, Chemical and others - require extremely accurate temperature and humidity measurements. This necessitates the measuring equipment used being calibrated frequently and -if necessary- adjusted. It is well known that calibrated instruments can provide the most accurate results. In addition, many regulated industries prescribe type and frequency of calibration, which needs to be observed and complied with by the user.

During instrument calibration a set of measured values is recorded under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. Devices under test are compared to a much more accurate reference instrument (standard). There is a clear distinction between traceable factory calibration, using calibrated reference instruments according to DAkkS guidelines, and accredited calibration, for which the entire laboratory has been accredited according to DAkkS standards. In either scenario you will receive a calibration certificate, confirming and guaranteeing the accuracy of your device.


We offer both!  Accredited calibration, carried out in select professional calibration laboratories according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 as well as traceable factory calibration in our own CiK Calibration Laboratory.

Factory Calibration by way of comparison with calibrated, traceable reference instruments

  • LogTag Data Loggers
  • MSR Data Loggers
  • SenseAnwhere Data Loggers
  • Kambic Climate- and Temperature Chambers
  • Kambic Calibration Baths

Accredited Calibration in a DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory

  • DataTrace Data Loggers
  • Vaisala Data Loggers
  • SenseAnywhere Data Loggers
  • Michell Humidity Calibrators