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Highly precise and fail-safe monitoring system

Would you like to implement a new monitoring system in your organization, or are you thinking about replacing your existing system?

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Transport Monitoring as shown with Short Pulse Lasers

Optimise the transport of your sensitive and valuable components using data loggers from MSR.

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Ideal for building monitoring

The data loggers from our cost effective HOBO UX100 range with their large, easy-to view displays are ideal for monitoring occupant comfort in office buildings, public buildings, museums or for measuring temperature and humidity in warehouses.

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Another space mission: MSR165 Data Logger

Successful launch: Having been postponed three times, Orbital Sciences’ unmanned Cygnus space shuttle was successfully launched into space on Sunday, 06/12/15, carrying supplies for the International Space Station (ISS).

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Miniature Data Loggers with new Design!

The 900mAh versions of the MSR145, MSR160 and MSR165 data loggers for monitoring shock, vibrations, pressure, temperature humidity and light are now fitted with brand new designer aluminium cases. These SmartCases feature an innovative Clip-System.

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New Single-use Data Logger with Integrated USB!

A new companion to the well-known USRIC-8 is the even more cost-effective LogTag® USRIC-4 single use USB data logger.

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New at CiK: HOBO UX90 "Time-of-use" Data Logger Range

This cost-effective data logger range is ideally suited for energy audits and analysis of light usage patterns. 

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New Introductory Video for LogTag Range of Loggers!

A new introductory video is now available on our website, which in just a few minutes presents the globally used LogTag range of data loggers and highlights typical industries, sectors and applications in which these are used.

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CO2 data logger using a mobile device !

No internet access, cables, or PC required! CiK Solutions introduces an exciting new product in their HOBO Series of Bluetooth® Smart enabled data loggers: the HOBO MX CO2 logger.

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NEW! LogTag® UTRIX-16 Multi-use PDF Data Logger!

Following the successful introduction of the USRIC-8 single-trip data logger, CiK Solutions now presents the brand-new, re-usable UTRIX-16 model from the range of LogTag® USB temperature recorders. With its built-in USB connector and automatic PDF report this recorder satisfies the growing demand for inexpensive and reliable multi-trip data loggers.

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HOBO Loggers for Industrial, Environmental and Building Monitoring !

Effective immediately CiK Solutions GmbH expands its product range with the HOBO data logger of US company Onset.

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Testing and Conditioning with the highest precision!

Kambic climate chambers and temperature cabinets are state-of-the-art units, benefiting from innovative design and decades of experience.

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Brand new: LogTag® Data Logger with built-in USB!

The brand new LogTag® USRIC-8 temperature data logger with built-in USB and automatic PDF report generation is designed as a cost-effective and reliable single-trip data logger.

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NEW! Micro Calibration Bath Using Latest Technology!

Our new Kambic Micro Calibration baths OBM and OBM-LT are top class units benefiting from innovative design and decades of experience. Ultra-stable temperature control and uniformity characterize these calibration baths.

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NEW: Electronic Freeze Indicator TICT-iS0°Tag® !

In many cases it is important to know what temperatures a product was exposed to and if temperatures remained within pre-defined thresholds, i.e. if they exceeded or went below critical limits.

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New: Precision Radio Data Loggers for robust long-term Temperature Measurement !

Do you need to record temperatures outdoors in harsh environmental conditions? Then our "GeoPrecision" radio data loggers are ideal for you.

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NEW: Ultra-Stable Table Top Climate Chamber !

Our brand new Kambic climate chamber PKK-50 is a top class model benefiting from innovative design and decades of experience. It stands out due to its ultra-stable temperature control and excellent uniformity to 0.06°C.

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Brand new: Wireless Data Logger MSR145WD !

The new wireless data logger MSR145WD is only thumb-sized, with color display and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It combines the qualities of the established MSR145 USB data logger with the benefits of modern radio technology.

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New: Portable Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well with Extreme Stability!

The 9190A portable low-temperature field metrology well made by Fluke offers the highest accuracy and stability of any comparable device in this category. It is ideal for applications where strict requirements apply to quality control and compliance with statutory procedures.

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New at CiK Solutions: Central Wireless Monitoring System!

E-Senza is a centralised wireless monitoring system for data monitoring in nearly all industries and sectors. Monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, light, motion, CO2, AC/DC and much more - simply and reliably.

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New: World-Class Temperature Chambers!

Temperature chambers of the Kambic series are top class products. Their metrological performance is highly praised and their operation intuitive and flexible.
We distinguish between temperature chambers, drying and heating cabinets and high temperature ovens for sterilization or drying, for the removal of moisture or for the reduction of mechanical stresses by annealing.

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New at CiK Solutions: Freeze Dryers!

CiK Solutions offers a comprehensive range of freeze dryers, including laboratory bench-top units and pilot systems for both R&D and small production batches. All models of our Kambic freeze dryer series are very easy to use, extremely reliable and very durable.


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Brand New at CiK Solutions: Temperature Indicators made by LogTag!

Very often a yes/no statement is sufficient to know if temperatures have remained within pre-defined thresholds, without knowing the detailed temperature history. LogTag® Temperature Indicators TIC20 and TICT were specifically designed with these applications in mind.

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New at CiK Solutions: Pass Boxes for Clean Rooms!

Our "Kambic" stainless steel material hatches benefit from years of experience in development and production of laboratory equipment, already used by many medical and pharmaceutical institutions, development labs and manufacturing companies around the world.


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NEW! MSR145 data logger even more versatile!

The brand-new, updated MSR145 data logger now packs even more of a punch.

From now on it can accommodate up to 5 sensors recording the same parameter (temperature, humidity or pressure sensors), rather than being limited to a combination of different sensors. This significantly opens up other areas of application for this multi-functional data logger.

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Infrared Calibrators of the Highest Precision

Our Fluke Precision Infrared Calibrators 4180 and 4181 are tailor made for the calibration of infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras. Their precision, portability and ease of use make them the ideal candidates for applications in laboratory, factory or in the field.


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Calibrate at real -90°C!

Calibration baths of the Kambic product line cover a unique temperature range of -90°C to +250°C.
Select from 10 different models and three different bath volumes, depending on your requirements.

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The new „gold standard“ of industrial temperature measurement!

The new „Stik“ Thermometer Fluke 1551A Ex/1552A Ex is a digital substitute for your mercury-in-glass thermometers! Highly accurate and durable, the Fluke 1151A Ex/1552 A Ex „Stik“ Thermometer is soon to become the new „gold standard“ of industrial temperature measurement.

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Temperature Calibration Baths in a Class of Their Own!

Our temperature calibration baths leave almost nothing to be desired. They guarantee extremely high temperature stability and an exceptionally precise temperature distribution across the complete bath cavity, hence they are ideally suited for calibration of temperature sensors, transmitters or even complete systems.

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New at CiK Solutions: DataTrace Data Loggers!

In late-breaking news - CiK Solutions is official distributor of DataTrace® Data Loggers from US company MesaLabs, Inc. (, effective January 2012. Mesalabs is reportedly the pioneer when it comes to battery-operated data loggers without remote probes and for nearly 25 years has developed patented solutions.

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Highly precise temperature chambers at an attractive price!

Ultra precise stable temperature chambers with uniform temperature profile to satisfy highest demands. Ideal for temperature calibration of any desired sensor or transmitter (in air) and many other applications.

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Highest Precision at an attractive price!

Our Kambic climate chambers are top class units benefiting from innovative design and decades of experience. Their metrological performance is highly praised and their operation intuitive and flexible.

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Miniature data logger MSR145 stores more than 1 billion samples!

Miniature data logger MSR145 stores more than 1 billion samples!
Highly flexible with added analogue inputs!
For temperature, humidity, pressure, light and acceleration!

As of now the versatile data logger MSR145 can be equipped with an astonishingly large memory capacity.

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Temperature Recording with Remote Probe and Display

The temperature data logger TRED30-7 is a brand new addition to the LogTag data logger series and predestined for gap free temperature recording where key information needs to be assessed on site without access to a PC.

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MSR255 - 2011 Electronic product of the year!

The new data logger MSR255 with LCD display won the Bronze medal in a reader survey voting for the "2011 Electronic product of the year, category measurement and test"

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New at CiK Solutions: Transmitters for humidity, temperature, dew point and CO2

Select from a variety of transmitters and portable instruments; increase your efficiency and productivity -particularly in critical areas- using top systems from Vaisala.

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New: MSR255 – Miniature data logger with LCD display

For the first time: MSR255 – Miniature data logger with LCD display.
Robust multi talent - ideal for shock and long term measurements.
For temperature, humidity, pressure, light and acceleration.

The multi-function MSR255 is the first of the universal miniature data logger series to feature an integrated LCD display. It measures and records up to five different parameters and can be equipped with for additional analogue inputs.

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Newsteo – the new „Plug & Play“ Monitoring-System!

Newsteo is a central, wireless monitoring system fit for every application, suiting all areas and industry segments such as warehousing, cool room monitoring, food distribution, laboratories/pharmacies/hospitals as well as industrial and general applications. Use it to monitor temperature, humidity, and every other conceivable measurement parameter with ease and reliability, all at a very affordable price.

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Brand new: Data logger with integrated statistics memory!

30 day summary display!
Worldwide data access!

The brand new TRID30-7 is the latest addition to the renowned LogTag temperature data logger series, designed to meet WHO guidelines.

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MSR160 - the Analogue Logger!

MSR160 - this thumb-sized, light-weight (80g) member of the MSR data logger series impresses with its 4 integrated analogue inputs, a fast logging frequency and a huge memory capacity.

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Veriteq's new PoE unit reduces installation cost of central monitoring systems to a minimum.

Central Monitoring - a breeze!

Veriteq Instruments, a leading supplier of central monitoring systems for temperature and humidity in critical and regulated industries, presents its new network interface „vNet PoE“. This new concept reduces installation cost and significantly simplifies integration into existing IT networks.

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MSR145 datalogger wins

1st place for the MSR145 ! Readers of the renowned German trade magazine "Elektronik" have voted the mini datalogger the winner, conferring upon it the “Product of the year 2009” award in the measurement technology category!

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Revolutionary Data Logger for shock and vibration

Measurement of acceleration, vibration and impact is becoming more important to an increasing line of businesses.

Measuring and monitoring these parameters is often essential and allows valuable conclusions about processes and procedures, whether for monitoring during transport of critical goods, performance increase and reduction of wear and tear on machinery, or for the rating of bearings and dampers, for noise reduction on motors or the detection of imbalances.

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Finally a reference thermometer with the flexibility needed for all of your measurement tasks

The new Reference Thermometers 1523 and 1524 from Fluke's Hart Scientific division display, measure, graph, and record PRTs, thermocouples and thermistors. These new digital thermometers deliver exceptional accuracy, wide measurement range, protocol logging, and trending, all in a practical handheld tool you can take anywhere. The 1523 and 1524 thermometers let you plan your field applications with the same ease as your laboratory and data logging tasks. The dual channel measurement capability of the 1524 model allow simultaneous recording and comparison of two separate locations.

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Unrivaled LogTag Low Temperature Data Loggers as low as -80°C - ideal for monitoring of dry ice shipments !

Electronic components are not typically designed to operate down to -80°C, and very few batteries are specified to work at these temperatures. Still, LogTag have been able to design a data logger with an unbeatable price, which due to its integral sensor can be used in temperature environments as low as -80°C, typical for dry ice packaged shipments.

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New Look Veriteq Data Loggers - featuring improved connectivity and even better technology !

Veriteq Data Loggers, the world's most accurate battery powered temperature and humidity data loggers are now shipping with a new look. The new design is a logical progression of the more traditional makeup that was in use since 1994.

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World innovation! Available now! New Miniature Data Logger MSR145 featuring 2 or 4 analogue inputs

CiK Solutions present the world's first miniature data logger with 4 integrated sensors, storage for 2,000,000 data points and up to four additional inputs for analogue sensors.

The revolutionary "MSR145 Analogue" is the world's first miniaturized quality data logger with integrated sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure and a 3-axis accelerometer also allowing connection of two or four external analogue sensors. New features on this data logger also include an alarm output and an input that can trigger start and stop of the data recording.

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