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Dew point mirror - MBW 473

The dew point mirror model 473 is a portable instrument equipped with a remote measuring head for selective and continuous measurement of dew point and temperature in air and gas mixtures. Based on the chilled mirror principle, the MBW 473 dew point mirror ensures direct and accurate humidity measurements.

With the dew point mirror you are able to perform precise dew point measurements and measurements of other parameters such as relative humidity. The humidity measurement principle of the MBW 473 is based on temperature controlled condensation, a measurement technique that ensures high precision, stability and reproducibility of the results.
Highlights - Dew Point Mirror 473
  • Stable humidity measurement of the highest precision
  • Remote measuring heads including temperature sensor
  • Direct measurement without sample tube
  • Optional barometric pressure measurement
  • Optional analogue outputs ±10 V and 4-20 mA
  • LCD color touch screen with intuitive user interface
  • Verifiable calibration
Data sheet Dew Point Mirror MBW 473

Precision dew point meter Optidew Vision

Connect and get started
The system is ready for immediate use.

Digital I/O
The 473 is equipped with an RS-232 digital output for recording or remote telemetry of the measured and calculated values.

Calibration check function
With the integrated ice test feature, you can check the calibration at any time to ensure system accuracy and integrity.

Remote measuring heads with temperature probe
The 473 offers several cabled measuring head options. These are designed for direct placement in chambers and other environments. For accurate temperature measurements and relative humidity calculations, these are available with a PRT. To measure the ambient temperature, a separate temperature sensor is either mounted on the measuring head or available as a separate remote sensor with connection to the back of the instrument.

LCD display with touch screen

The 473 features a full-color, high-contrast LCD touch panel with a wide viewing angle for easy operation and readability.  The buttons and menus on the display allow you to configure each line of the display for a variety of humidity, temperature and pressure parameters that can be displayed in either SI or non-SI units. A simple press of a button toggles each parameter between numeric or graphic format.

Integrated pressure measurement (optional)

The optional pressure measurement allows for compensation of pressure differentials at the measuring point, thus minimizing measurement uncertainty. The pressure sensor is available with a measurement accuracy of 0.1% or 0.01%. By combining high-precision dew point, temperature and pressure measurements, the 473 can be used as the reference standard for all three parameters.

Dew Point Probes

Dew point probe RP2

The dew point probe RP2 features a two-stage Peltier element in a compact format sensor and has a connection point for temperature measurement. It comes with a calibrated temperature sensor and an extension cable to allow for optimal placement in the environment to be measured.

The dew point sensor RP2 is particularly suitable for direct use in air circulation environments such as humidity generators, climatic chambers, air ducts and quantification of manufacturing processes.

Dew point probe SH2

The dew point probe SH2 features a two-stage Peltier element for controlling the mirror temperature. The measuring head is equipped with a controllable fan, which generates a uniform airflow over the mirror. If the fan is removed, the measuring head can be connected to a sample gas tube via a 6 mm or ¼“ screw connection. The probe head is supplied with a calibrated temperature sensor and two different connection cables; a 0.5-meter cable for connection to the measuring head and a 3-meter cable for connection to the back of the instrument.

The SH2 measuring head is especially suitable for climate chamber validations, use in humidity generators, fuel cell tests and on-site calibrations.

Models - MBW Dew Point Mirror

The MBW 473 is available in a number of different models, including 473-RP2 and 473-SH2. Specifications for each model can be found in the following table:

Model 473-RP2
Measurement ranges
Frost/Dew Point -20 °C to +70 °C -20 °C to +70 °C
Relative humidity 5 to 99 %RH 5 to 99 %RH
Temperature (via cable PRT) -20 °C to 80 °C -20 °C to +80 °C
Frost/Dew Point ±0.15 °C ±0.1 °C
Temperature ±0.07 °C ±0.7 °C
Dew/frost point ±0.07 °C ±0.05 °C
Temperature ±0.05 °C ±0.05 °C
Standard Features
External temperature sensors Ø3 x 30 mm PRT, 0.5 m lead Ø3 x 100 mm PRT, 0.5 and 3 m lead
Digital interface RS-232
Sensor for mirror temperature Platinum resistance thermometer (Pt-100)
Sample gas connection 6 mm or ¼“ Swagelok (SH2 only)
Carrying case Peli 1550, customised and equipped with foam
Power lead 2.5 m
Calibration certificate Factory calibration: 5 points FP/DP, 3 point temperature
Internal barometric pressure sensor 0.1% or 0.01% accuracy, 700 to 1,200 mbar
Analogue outputs Two analogue outputs, selectable -10 V to +10 V and 4 to 20 mA
Calibration upgrade Upgrade to SCS accredited ISO17025 calibration

MBW Dew point mirror

MBW dew point hygrometers are used worldwide by standardization laboratories on national, accredited and industrial levels. These dew point mirrors are available in different versions for freezing and dew points from -95 °C to +95 °C. Our MBW dew point mirrors have all the required features to produce reliable and accurate measurements in a variety of conditions.

Dew point mirror for chamber validation

Dew point mirrors typically have a higher standard of measurement than those systems integrated into climatic chambers, and are hence used by manufacturers and users as a maintenance and testing tool. The dew point and temperature measurement via a remote measuring head allows the use in the test area with low measurement uncertainty.

The freeze/dew point measurement can be combined with a multi-channel temperature measurement system such as the MBW T12. Using such a measurement system, spatial temperature and RH distribution can be measured, displayed and recorded for validation purposes.

Using a chilled mirror instrument typically reduces the total measurement by up to 50% compared to using standard probes. This is the result of less long term drift, more accurate temperature measurement, and less uncertainty of the accredited dew point calibration.

  • Low-drift measurement of dew point and temperature
  • Automated gas sampling at temperatures up to 100 °C
  • Chilled mirror probe for direct insertion into the working volume of the chamber
  • Self-priming measuring heads
  • Simultaneous measurement of temperature for calculating relative humidity
  • Completely self-contained and easily transportable
  • Integrated calibration verification function for on-site verification of device performance

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