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Kambic Temperature Calibration Chambers

 Extremely stable air calibration chambers

Kambic Temperature Calibration Chambers

 Extremely stable air calibration chambers

Forced Air Calibration Chambers - ideal for reference resistors

The air calibration chambers of the Kambic line excel at providing an extremely stable (to 0.005°C) and uniform temperature distribution throughout the chamber volume.

The innovative external XPC-Peltier temperature control system is extremely energy saving and whisper quiet. A colour touch screen guarantees an intuitive and easy user experience.


A purposely limited temperature range of +15°C to +50°C, the high performance MPC-PID controller and novel peltier temperature system allow accuracies which leave almost nothing to be desired.

These air calibration chambers are ideally suited to keeping reference resistors (calibration resistors, resistance standards) at a constant, precise set temperature to enable accurate resistor calibration.

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Datasheet TK-50 / TK-105 US / TK-190 US / TK-300 US



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