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MSR175 Transport Data Logger

MSR175 Transport Data Logger

Data Logger MSR175

The MSR175 self-contained data logger uses high-resolution sensors to continuously record what happens to your goods during transportation. The logged data can then be analyzed very accurately – be it in order to ascertain damage or to improve transport packaging – using the «MSR ShockViewer» software.

The two 3-axis acceleration sensors (±15 g and ±200 g) integrated into the MSR175 record shocks at a measurement frequency of up to 6400 samples per second. The internal logger memory is capable of storing over 2 million values - sufficient to cover more than 1,000 shock events.
In addition, the MSR175 measures and records temperature from -20° to +65 °C.  There is also a model available featuring internal humidity, pressure and light sensors.

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      Exceptionally high sampling rate for shock measurements

    Get an accurate overview of shock events and present clear facts when determining causes and substantiating claims.

    Both of the MSR175’s integrated 3-axis accelerometers (±15 g and ±200 g) record critical events such as jolts and knocks with a measurement rate of up to 5,000 samples per second. This high sampling rate ensures that the logger can detect even the shortest and most dynamic impacts, where other loggers with lower rates can detect these events only by chance.
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      Best Cost-Benefit

    The MSR175 won’t give you the cheapest option on the market, rather the “best value for money”.

    You may find the market offers cheaper and similarly sized data loggers, however, those simply don’t measure up to the performance of the MSR175. The MSR175 is superior in many ways to other products with its high sampling rate, large memory capacity and accuracy whilst being compact in form.  The fact that the logger integrates two 3-axis accelerometers (±15 g and ±200 g) allows you to tune the logger optimally for the application in which it is used. This offers a flexibility not available with many other competitors’ products. When deciding for a logger, it is often not clear whether 15 g are sufficient, or 200 g would be the better option. The MSR175 offers both!

    Additional temperature, humidity, pressure and light sensors allow the logger to cover the most important physical measurement parameters. Apart from outstanding customer service you also benefit from the high reliability and longevity of a logger “Made in Switzerland”
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      Simple handling, powerful software

    Using the MSR175 requires neither expensive software, nor a massive training effort for you and your staff.

    In contrast to products of other competitors, powerful PC software is included with the MSR175. Using the “MSR175 Dashboard” Software makes configuring and downloading data via USB a breeze. To generate automatic reports, simply click the MSR report generator, included in the software package. For a more detailed analysis customers can use the basic version of the analysis software “MSR Shock Viewer”.  



  • Cost effective transport logger
  • Two 3-axis acceleration sensors integrated
  • Easy-to-use: Very easy programming thanks to the MSR Dashboard
  • Available in two options


Available in two options

Option 1 two internal 3-axis acceleration sensors (±15 g and ±200 g) as well as one internal temperature sensor.
Option 2 two internal 3-axis acceleration sensors (±15 g and ±200 g) as well as one internal temperature sensor, one internal humidity sensor, one pressure sensor and one light sensor.

Technical data of the sensors

Measured parameters Working range Accurancy Measurement/Storage rate
3-axis acceleration ±15 g und ±200 g (-20...+65 °C) 15 g sensor: ±0,15 g (+25 °C)
200 g sensor: up to 15 g ±2 g, up to 200 g ±5 g (bei +25 °C)
up to 6400/s (±15 %)
Temperature -20…+65 °C ±0,5 °C (-10…+65 °C) every 10 min.
Relative Humidity 0...100% rel. humidity
-20…+65 °C
±2% rel. humidity (10…85%, 0…+40 °C)
±4% rel. humidity(85…95%, 0…+40 °C)
every 10 min.
Air pressure 0…2000 mbar absolute
-20…+65 °C
±2,5 mbar
(750…1100 mbar absolute, +25 °C)
every 10 min.
Light 0…65'000 lx max. sensitivity at 500 nm every 10 min.


General technical data

Housing Design housing PC, encapsulated, IP67
Size & Weight 47 x 16 x 54 mm (B x H x L), approx. 28g
Memory capacity over 2,000,000 measurement values
Medium Air, various liquids
Colour Amber
Key Start measurement/retrieve status
Power supply LiPo-battery 260 mAh, charged via the USB connection, recording period up to 4 months
Options Charging station (USB hub) for 7 MSR175 (item number B47002)
Interface USB
PC software free MSR ShockViewer basic version
extensive MSR ShockViewer pro version
Operating conditions:

-20...+65 °C
Storage conditions:

+5 °C - +45 °C (ideal storage condition for the battery)
10...95 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Standards Der MSR175 complies with EU-Directives RoHS/WEEE.


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