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Vaisala vNet PoE Interface for Data Loggers

Vaisala vNet PoE Interface for Data Loggers

Vaisala Power over Ethernet Logger Interface

Wherever reliable network communications and cost are important, more and more companies are using Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices.


Easy Connectivity with Data Loggers

Our PoE network interface brings easy connectivity with data loggers at a lower cost than alternative networking devices.

The snap-in design streamlines logger connectivity into a small footprint, eliminating wires between normally separate loggers and PoE devices. When power and data are carried over the same cable, you can also eliminate the cost of installing an AC power source.

The vNet PoE integrates VL and SP recorders without compromising their high accuracy. It brings greater flexibility and simplicity to deploying Vaisala temperature and humidity monitoring data loggers.

With the low price of today’s network switches that integrate PoE power capability, the decision to use PoE devices is both cost effective and extremely reliable.




  • Savings on the cost of an electrician to wire AC power near the device, up to 7 times the amount of a network drop or more.
  • Greater flexibility in placing data loggers because they can be installed wherever a LAN cable can be run.
  • Increased data communication protection from power outage because the server’s UPS provides backup.



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