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CO2 data logger using a mobile device !

No internet access, cables, or PC required! CiK Solutions introduces an exciting new product in their HOBO Series of Bluetooth® Smart enabled data loggers: the HOBO MX CO2 logger.

The HOBO MX CO2 logger records and transmits carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity data in indoor environments using non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) self-calibrating CO2 sensor technology and integrated temperature and RH sensors.
Designed for hassle-free deployment, the HOBO MX1102 features an easy-to-read LCD that displays current readings and logger status, and can run for six months on user-replaceable batteries.
The logger also features an onboard USB port for users who want to use a computer to configure and offload data with HOBOware® graphing and analysis software. The port also provides the option of powering the logger via USB for applications that require more than six months of monitoring.
Tracking CO2 is a critical aspect of measuring indoor air quality and ensuring a healthy environment. Whether you need to monitor an office space, public building, school, hospital or greenhouse, the HOBO MX1102 works fast, easy and cost-effective.


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