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News about temperature and humidity

New: World-Class Temperature Chambers!

Temperature chambers of the Kambic series are top class products. Their metrological performance is highly praised and their operation intuitive and flexible.
We distinguish between temperature chambers, drying and heating cabinets and high temperature ovens for sterilization or drying, for the removal of moisture or for the reduction of mechanical stresses by annealing.

The temperature chambers are widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, for example in long-term stability testing, but there is also a variety of applications for other industries and areas such as aging tests, material tests or material conditioning (for example plastic parts in the automotive and electrical industry) and many more.

Select from 18 different models with 3 different chamber sizes ranging from 55 to 1,000 liters, in temperature ranges starting at -75°C up to +600°C.
A wide range of accessories completes the product range.

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