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News about temperature and humidity

Testing and Conditioning with the highest precision!

Kambic climate chambers and temperature cabinets are state-of-the-art units, benefiting from innovative design and decades of experience.

Three new cabinets with a chamber volume of just 57 liters each perfectly round off the Kambic climate and temperature chamber small volume line-up.

High-precision PID control combined with the small chamber volume allows maximum stability in both temperature and humidity.

Particularly worth noting is the climate chamber PKK50,  achieving stability values of up to ±0.03°C for temperature and up to ±0.1% RH for relative humidity using specifically developed Peltier technology.

Typical applications are long-term stability tests, material conditioning, aging tests and many more ...

A wide range of accessories such as calibration certificate, control software and many more complete this series.


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