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Brand new: Wireless Data Logger MSR145WD !

The new wireless data logger MSR145WD is only thumb-sized, with color display and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It combines the qualities of the established MSR145 USB data logger with the benefits of modern radio technology.

Especially in applications where data are to be monitored in areas that are difficult to access such as in high stud warehouses, wireless connection via BLE guarantees an instant and location-independent data visualization, for example via Smartphone.
Customers placing importance on reading the captured data directly at the device find that the color OLED display ensures a superb display quality, both in total darkness as well as in strong sunlight and from virtually any viewing angle.
The MSR145WD can be individually configured to suit; thanks to its unique combination of compact body, huge memory and high modularity, the MSR145 is the ideal solution for documentation and monitoring tasks in almost all areas of applications.

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