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Product Overview - Kambic Pass Boxes Individually customized pass-through Chambers

Product Overview - Kambic Pass Boxes Individually customized pass-through Chambers

Pass Boxes

Our Kambic material hatches can be individually customized to your requirements. You determine dimensions and accessories, we manufacture and assemble according to your wishes.

Following order number defines the make-up of your equipment; we are more than happy to assist or send you a tailored quotation. Frequently ordered product variants can be found in the examples below.


Ordering Code

Kambic Pass Boxes Expample for Ordering Code





Sample Orders

  Interior [mm] Exterior [mm] Options
  W H D W H D  
PB 4/4/4 400 400 400 500 500 450 -
PB 5/5/5 500 500 500 600 600 550 -
PB 6/6/6 600 600 600 700 700 650 -
PB 8/8/8 800 800 800 900 900 850 -
PB 6/6/6 UV 600 600 600 700 850 750 UV-C surface sterilization
PB 6/6/6 HUV 600 600 600 750 970 750 Internal air circulated and cleaned via HEPA filter
UV-C surface sterilization
PB 6/6/6 AIR 600 600 600 700 700 750 Air shower with supply from HVAC system
PB 6/6/6 EL 600 600 600 700 750 750 Electrical interlock
PB 8/10/8 LUX 800 1000 800 1000 1150 950 Floor installation
PB 6/6/6 90° 600 600 600 * * * Corner installation



UV-C Light

UV Light for Kambic Pass Boxes

Option for surface sterilization. Utilizing the mirror-polished surface, even complex shaped loads can be illuminated from all sides through reflection. A customer adjustable timer can initiate a program sequence to be started, where a a red/green indicator signals both sides that a sterilization is in progress. 99% of harmful UV-C radiation is already filtered by the 12mm tempered safety glass, and thus does not penetrate to the outside. The residual radiation is absorbed by an additionally applied film. The UV-C light is automatically switched off if either of the two doors is opened. An hour counter (individually adjustable) records the operating hours of the UV-C tubes and warns when they need replacing. This option can be turned off, if the effectiveness of the UV-C light is validated otherwise.


Air Curtain

Option for cleaning the load by means of air. A laminar air flow is generated inside the hatch, which is purified through a HEPA filter. A differential pressure indicator shows the degree of contamination of the filter. An option to connect to the internal HVAC system is also provided.


H2O2 - Inlets

The doors contain access openings which can be used to flood the chamber with H2O2 for disinfection.


Corner Model

Required if two rooms require connecting past a third.




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