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Kambic Warming Ovens 30 years experience in building high-quality temperature chambers

Kambic Warming Ovens 30 years experience in building high-quality temperature chambers

Kambic High-Performance Warming and High-Temperature Ovens


Our Kambic temperature chambers and ovens are top of the line products.

Whether you want to use them for sterilization or drying, for heat treatment (tempering) or material preheating - we have the solution.

Select from 10 different models with chamber volumes between 55 and 1,300 litres, covering temperature ranges from +30°C to +600°C.

Alongside these chambers and ovens, we also offer Freeze Dryers and Vacuum Dryers.



  • Using intelligent PID control, this innovative system provides extremely uniform and stable temperature distribution across the entire chamber, covering the entire working range.
  • Fan-forced air circulation
  • The units are operated via an innovative and user-friendly console with an LCD and offer configurable functions (10 individual programs, each with 10 steps, cycling, variable heating/cooling ramp profiles etc...)
  • Visual and audible alarms in the event of a failure
  • Dual protection system against uncontrolled over-temperature events
    • Heating elements turn off automatically if measured temperature exceeds the set threshold by 5°C
    • Mechanical over-temperature protection if temperature exceeds maximum allowed values
  • Interior chamber manufactured from 1.4301 (SAE S30400) stainless steel
  • High-performance heat insulation with Aluminium finish and air gap
  • Stainless steel wire tray
  • Software for control and documentation

Typical Applications

  • Long-term stability tests in pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Storage of climate-sensitive products (for example in the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, etc.)
  • Provision of pre-defined calibration conditions
  • Material tests under defined temperature and/or humidity conditions
  • Material conditioning (e.g. annealing of plastics for automotive and electrical industries)
  • Ageing and stress tests in controlled environments
  • and many more ...

Custom solutions are available – Please describe your specific requirements and we will offer you a tailored system!