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Laboratory Ovens and Heating Cabinets

Our Kambic heating cabinets and ovens are considered top-of-the-line products. Whether you want to sterilize or dry, for heat treatment to reduce stress or for material preheating - we have high-quality solutions for laboratory use.


Kambic Heating Oven SP

Heating Oven up to 300 °C

SP series: SP-55C, SP-105C, SP-190C, SP440C, SP-910C, SP-1300C

These high-performance heating ovens enable drying, heat and surface treatment and hardening with precise temperature settings in a temperature range of +30 °C to +300 °C.

  • Pilot & research hot air drying
  • Drying after washing
  • Material and tooling pre-heating
  • Hot air sterilization
  • Hardening of potting and filling materials
These high-temperature ovens are available with a chamber volume of 55 to 1,288 liters.

Find out more in the product data sheet


High-Temperature Ovens and Heat Ovens up to 600 °C

SP Fire Series: SP-60C Fire, SP-190C Fire, SP-420C Fire, SP875C Fire

The high-temperature ovens of the SP-Fire series from Kambic enable precise temperature generation in a temperature range of +30 °C to +600 °C.

Heat treatment, surface treatment, hardening - all at precise temperatures:

• Heat treatment for stress relief
• Sintering
• High-temperature drying
• Preheating of casting tools
• Hardening of filling materials

Choose from ovens for high temperatures with a chamber volume of 64 to 875 litres.

Learn more about the technology and the models.

Kambic high temperature oven

Typical Applications

  • Long-term stability tests in pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Storage of climate-sensitive products (for example in the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, etc.)
  • Provision of pre-defined calibration conditions
  • Material tests under defined temperature and/or humidity conditions
  • Material conditioning (e.g. annealing of plastics for automotive and electrical industries)
  • Ageing and stress tests in controlled environments
  • and many more ...
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  • Using intelligent PID control, this innovative system provides extremely uniform and stable temperature distribution across the entire chamber, covering the entire working range.
  • Fan-forced air circulation
  • The units are operated via an innovative and user-friendly console with an LCD and offer configurable functions (10 individual programs, each with 10 steps, cycling, variable heating/cooling ramp profiles etc...)
  • Visual and audible alarms in the event of a failure
  • Dual protection system against uncontrolled over-temperature events
    • Heating elements turn off automatically if measured temperature exceeds the set threshold by 5°C
    • Mechanical over-temperature protection if the temperature exceeds maximum allowed values
  • Interior chamber manufactured from 1.4301 (SAE S30400) stainless steel
  • High-performance heat insulation with Aluminium finish and air gap
  • Stainless steel wire tray
  • Software for control and documentation

Customized Solutions

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We offer custom solutions – Please describe your specific requirements and we will offer you a tailored system!

Two examples of custom solutions:

Rotary dryer for coil coating hardening (LSP-140C)
Heating/cooling thermostat for the process industry (HS-10 DVP)