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DataTrace® - Data Loggers

The DataTrace® data loggers provide highly accurate & traceable temperature, humidity and pressure data to help you optimize pharmaceutical, food and other manufacturing processes.

From chilling, freezing and room temperature checks to pasteurization, EtO sterilization and depyrogenation monitoring; with several data logger models to choose from DataTrace® makes it easy to monitor processes across a wide spectrum of industries and applications.

To ensure accurate monitoring of your manufacturing process your sensor must be close to the product being monitored. The ultra-small DataTrace® MPIII temperature data loggers have a body measuring just 20 mm long and 18 mm in diameter. They easily fit into most applications, obtaining readings with unmatched accuracy and precision.

The DataTrace® data logger requires minimal training to use. Features like IR communication and batch programming/reading makes data collection fast and simple.


Data logger MPRF
Data logger in insulating box
Data logger temperature
DataTrace MPRF data loggers
DataTrace interface
Datal ogger with Special coupling
Data loggers MPRF
Data loggers lyophilization applications
Data logger with bendable probe

Standard Logger Series MPIII

Radio Frequency Logger Series MPRF

Temperature Data Logger

DataTrace MPIII Temperature Data Logger

Micropack III (MPIII) Temperature Data Logger

Choose from a variety of ultra-small temperature loggers with rigid, flexible or bendable probes in different tip styles and lengths with temperature ranges covering -20 °C to +400 °C.

Single Sensor:  more details

Dual Sensor:    more details

Temperature RF Data Logger

DataTrace MPRF Temperature Data Logger

Micropack RF (MPRF) Temperature Data Logger

Real-Time product/process monitoring through RF transmission with temperature ranges covering -80 °C to +400 °C.

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Here you will find special versions of the MPRF temperature data loggers:


Relative Humidity Data Logger

DataTrace MPIII Humidity Data Logger

Micropack III (MPIII) Humidity Data Logger

In processes sensitive to humidity even small relative humidity (RH) changes can dramatically affect product production, storage and shipping - impacting everything from production time to product quality and cost.
To help you achieve optimal conditions the MPIII Humidity Data Logger provides precise relative humidity data (RH) from 0 % to 100 % at temperatures between +10 °C and +85 °C.

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Relative Humidity RF Data Logger

DataTrace MPRF Humidity Data Logger

Micropack RF (MPRF) Humidity Data Logger

To achieve optimal conditions you need precise humidity data, preferably in real-time. That is exactly what you get with the highly accurate DataTrace® MPRF Humidity Data Logger, capable of monitoring RH from 0 % to 100 % at temperatures between +10 °C and +85 °C.

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Pressure Data Logger

DataTrace MPIII Pressure Data Logger

Micropack III (MPIII) Pressure Data Logger

The ultra-small, compact DataTrace® Pressure Data Logger has a body measuring just 48 mm x 18 mm. It fits easily inside containers to get pressure readings up to 10 bar with exceptional accuracy at temperatures up to 140 °C.
Especially in food processing this brings significant advantages. With their wide range and high precision, MPIII Pressure Data Loggers are not only well suited to canning and pouch processes, but to an array of applications where pressure affects products and quality.

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Pressure RF Data Logger

DataTrace MPRF Pressure Data Logger

Micropack RF (MPRF) Pressure Data Logger

The DataTrace® MPRF Pressure Data Logger captures precise detail in longer processes by collecting 8,000 data points - 4,000 each for pressure and temperature readings. It can measure up to 5 bar at a temperature range between +25 °C and 140 °C and dependably transmits data via RF - even from within autoclaves. Multiple MPRF loggers in any combination of logger type and can be synchronized to the same clock allowing precise comparative data.

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Overview Video MPIII Logger


Overview Video MPRF Logger







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