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DataTrace® - Accessories

DataTrace® Logger Armor

DataTrace Logger Armor

Protective Armor Case for MPRF DataTrace Data Loggers

Mesa’s new DataTrace Logger Armor offers a robust, heat-resistant casing for MPRF DataTrace data loggers. Each data logger unit is designed to not only protect the electronics of the logger, but also to provide the user with greater convenience placing the logger probe within the product and positioning the logger within the process.

In an extreme environment, considerations must be made to protect the body of the data logger and to ensure the delivery of the data. Made to protect your investment from the harsh exposure to the most extreme process environments, DataTrace Logger Armor fits over the existing casing for the MPRF temperature data loggers and offers additional benefits making the utilization of loggers much more convenient for the user.


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Data Logger Calibration Equipment

You can now calibrate your DataTrace data loggers with the highest precision and as often as required, using the new micro-bath MesaCal 8000 and the reference thermometer Mesa 801. The micro calibration bath MesaCal 8000 can be used anywhere for any type of DataTrace sensor. In combination with the Mesa 801 Reference Thermometer this represents the gold standard of industrial temperature calibration.




DataTrace® Thermal Barriers

DataTrace Thermal Barriers

If the process you want to monitor reaches temperatures above 140 ºC (the upper operating limit of DataTrace Micropack data loggers) you need to thermally protect the electronics and battery from damage. For these applications you can choose from 10 different DataTrace Thermal Packs, depending on your particular application. These thermal barriers are designed to insulate the logger body from the high temperatures, while allowing the temperature probe to extend out into the environment. All of the barriers work well in a dry environment and most will work in liquid environments, such as hot oil baths. In addition to high-temperature applications, the thermal barriers will protect the data logger battery in ultra-low temperature environments.

Several DataTrace Thermal Packs are available, depending on your particular needs:

Typical Applications

  • Depyrogenation Ovens
  • Ultra-low Temperature Freezers
  • Baking Oven Monitoring
  • Frying Oil Temperature
  • Conveyor Oven
  • Textile and Carpet Processing
  • Powder Painting Monitoring
  • and much more ...

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DataTrace® Container Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring inside closed containers

Qualifying temperature behaviour inside closed containers is often essential if conclusive results about operating processes (e.g. pasteurization) are to be obtained. We offer a large selection of accessories for secure fastening of DataTrace data loggers to both the inside and outside of cans, pouches, vessels and many other containers.


 Now available! 
DataTrace Thermowell

New DataTrace MPIII Thermowell Data Logger Kit!

This logger kit is great for monitoring temperatures in sealed containers such as cans or bottles, where it is critical that the seal not be broken during testing.

  • Ideal for Retort and Cooking Applications
  • Compatible with Vacuum Processes

The logger kit contains the thermowell (a tubular fitting with mounts) that can be permanently placed in a process , two installation o-rings for fitting and a matching logger that perfectly fits inside the thermowell. Alternatively the thermowell can be permanently welded directly into piping for process monitoring, allowing a logger to be easily removed and replaced when desired without shutting down a process. Additional thermowells can be purchased so a single logger can be moved between points.

The MPIII thermowell data logger kit is a perfect fit for an SIP (Steam in Place) or CIP system at the typical monitor points. The MPIII logger is made from the same durable materials you have come to expect from DataTrace and features an additional thread at the base of the probe, which matches the one in the thermowell. This allows easy attachment and removal of the logger to and from the thermowell at any time without breaking the seal!



DataTrace Container Monitoring



DataTrace® Magnetic Holders

DataTrace Magnetic Holder

Magnetic holders for MPRF and MPIII loggers

This device consists of a clip attached to a magnet that will be securely hold the logger in place. These magnetic holders can be used in a variety of applications. They are a great way to position your DataTrace loggers in the appropriate location.


DataTrace® InTenna

Receive Signals from inside Autoclaves with Data Trace® InTenna

Reception of radio signals from within an autoclave may be hampered or even interrupted by circumstances such as tight loading or others. The Data Trace® InTenna was specifically designed to receive signals from the MPRF wireless data logger inside the autoclave and forward them to the PC interface.


DataTrace InTenna

DataTrace® Repeater

DataTrace Repeater

DataTrace® repeaters allow for larger distances between sender (Micropack MPRF Wireless Temperature, Humidity & Pressure models) and receiver.



-80°C Low Temp Batteries for Data Loggers

Monitoring and mapping low temperature freezers can be very difficult. The extreme environment can make it a challenging process to monitor with standard equipment. When using data loggers in this environment, it is necessary to use the right battery for the right job. For monitoring low temperatures below -40 °C you need to use a certified “low-temperature” battery. We are now offering the new “spiral-wound” chemistry of Lithium-Ion batteries. These new low temperature batteries have an amazing track record at low temperatures. They have been fully validated and approved for use in our MPRF data loggers and provide the best possible performance at temperatures below -40 °C.

You no longer need to go without real time data from loggers used in low temperature applications. These new batteries work great even when obtaining real time RF data! For more information on the DataTrace product line-up please visit here



DataTrace Low Temp Battery