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MSR - Data Logger for shock monitoring

MSR - Data Logger for shock monitoring

MSR - Shock Data Logger ... and so much more!

The MSR data loggers are miniaturized, universal and user-friendly high-tech data loggers for measuring and storing different physical parameters, e.g. shock, acceleration, temperature,humidity, pressure, light.

MSR data loggers are particularly optimized for the recording of acceleration events and processes, such as shock monitoring, vibration recording, motion studies, tremor analysis, oscillation monitoring, human vibration, yaw rate and many more.

Defining and monitoring these parameters is often essential and provides valuable information about events and processes in product development, manufacturing and quality assurance whilst also enabling performance enhancement and motion studies or providing hard evidence in case of liability claims.

Deploy the MSR series of data loggers as shock loggers, acceleration loggers, temperature loggers, humidity loggers, pressure loggers, light loggers or to record any variety of other parameters.

MSR Data Loggers going into space

Acceleration measurements

What is an acceleration data logger? How can we record vibrations? What do we mean by a jolt or shock? What methods can we use to detect damage to cargo caused by shocks? What does «fast peak» mean? And which MSR data logger is best suited for which measuring task?

Helpful basic information regarding acceleration measurement you will find here.

Typical Applications for MSR Data Loggers:

  • Transport monitoring
    Vibration monitoring of critical goods, providing the ability to prove improper handling (falls, severe put-down, undesired tilting, bumps and more)
  • Retention time monitoring during use or transport
    How long were your goods held up at customs, in the container terminal, warehouse or at the distributor.
  • Packaging optimization
    Knowledge gained during shock measurements helps design and dimension packaging materials of all kind
  • Performance enhancements and quality assurance
    Oscillation and vibration measurements deliver valuable data for reduction of wear and tear on machinery, dimensioning of bearings and dampers, noise emission reduction on motor, detection of imbalances and many others
  • Human vibration
    Motion studies on humans (total body vibrations, hand-arm vibrations) as well as determining forces external to the human organism are essential for finding medical conditions, tracking rehabilitation measures or optimizing human-operated tools.
  • Crash Tests
    Acceleration analysis on vehicles and safety systems help eliminate any weak points
  • Anti-theft monitoring
    In addition to logging vibrations, the MSR data logger can also record events such as opening a container via the in-built light sensor.
  • Position Monitoring
    Monitor if critical goods were transported upside down or with too much yaw.
  • Please find more applications here

Special Features:

  • The Miniature Giant (thumb sized, weighing as little as 16g)
  • Up to 5 different parameters can be selected: temperature, humidity, pressure, light, acceleration/orientation
  • Every measurement parameter imaginable can be recorded up to 1,000 times a second with the ability to connect your own sensors and transducers
  • User friendly data analysis software, available for free.
  • Internal memory for up to 2,000,000 samples, expandable to 1 billion (!) via microSD-Card.
  • Up to 3,200 (!) samples per second for monitoring of fast elapsing events, such as shock and oscillations
  • Datalogger with USB port for PC connection
  • Re-chargeable Lithium-Polymer battery
  • Robust construction, waterproof versions are available


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